Salman Rushdie was attacked

Rushdie attacked on Friday in New York

Salman Rushdie who is an author was born in India and he got a death threat from Iran in the 1980s

Salman Rushdie was attacked by a man in New York during his lecture on the stage in New York at 11 AM.

Salman was called to the Chautauqua Institution as a guest speaker and the incident was happen.

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Then state police confirmed that Rushdie was transported to the hospital by helicopter immediately.

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 The man who attacked Salman, is Hadi Matar (a 24 years old man from Fair View, New jersey).

Hadi Matar (the suspect) was immediately surrender and police take him to custody.

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Salman Rushdie was written 14 novels including his most popular book The Satanic Verses.

For Satanic Verses, Rushdie get death threaten from the leader of Iran in 1989.

Salman has also served as the president of PEN America between 2004-2006.

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