Exercise daily for decreasing the amount of cholesterol and stress hormones.

Always try to eat Healthy (Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Juices and Legumes).

Maintain Hygiene (Clean your skin daily and keep your skin moisturised).

Use Aloe vera (It helps your skin to reduce pimples and doesn’t allow scars to appear on your skin).

Use Green Tea (It helps to reduce inflammation, Redness and fights with bacteria and allow pimples to heal).

Use Multani Mitty (It helps you skin to reduce the oil production and helps your skin to look bright).

Apple Cider Vinegar (It helps to reduce scars from your skin and kill the acne causing bacteria).

Honey (It has antibacterial solution which helps your skin to redness caused by your pimple).

Coconut Oil (It is helps to reduce scars and keep your skin nourish and soft glowing skin)

Try these tips to cure your acne