10. Singapore
 This tiny country was highly developed and very beautiful. Daily expense ($75-$90).

09. Indonesia
 This beautiful country was also known as heaven on earth. Daily Expense ($75-$80).

08. Turkey
 This country is a well-known for travellers and daily expense between ($40-$60).

07. Malaysia
 This beautiful Muslim majority country was very safe for travel. Daily Expense ($40-$60).

06. Philippines
 Country with very beautiful 7000 tropical islands. Daily expense ($35-$40).

05. Thailand
 Most touristic places on earth and get visa easily. (Daily Expense $30-$50).

04. Vietnam
 It is located in South east Asia and very beautiful country. Daily Expense ($30-$40).

03. Nepal
 Surrounded with natural beauty and full with fresh air. Daily expense ($25-$30).

02. Sri Lanka
 Beautiful country with easy visa. (Daily expense $20-$25).

01. Bhutan
 Very beautiful places and get daily budget of $15-$25 including foods, stay.