If you want to build muscles, you have to work out early evening every day.

Keep changing your workout schedule for better result in building muscles.

Eat a greater number of meals (1 meal every 2-3 hours) every day for fast result in building muscle.

You have to eat 30-35% from Protein, 50-55% from good carbohydrate and 10-15% from fat.

Workout 5-6 days every week consistently with different schedule.

Take deep sleep of 8 hours every day to recover muscles and maintain testosterone level.

Massage your whole body with oil twice in a week for better skin and blood flow.

Cardio is very important. Do cardio of 20 minutes twice a week for better heart.

3 Important supplements for building muscle. Whey Protein, Creatine, Pre-workout.

Whey Protein is for muscle recovery, Creatine is for better muscle growth and Pre-workout is for better strength.