Eight disposable people killed in NYC terror attack: Mayor declares Halloween festivities will go on!

If the headline infuriates you, then you are feeling a bit of what I’m feeling after hearing DeBlasio, Cuomo and the Commish telling New Yorkers, “Hey, we’re New Yorkers! We’re tough and won’t back down to the terrorists killing people off in this city. Halloween will go on as planned!”

I’m furious.

They say that when one hurts, we all hurt. Yet eight fellow New Yorkers were run down by an Islamic terrorist on the West Side of the city and the message from the top is, “We’ve got this and we will go on with our lives like nothing happened here today.”

I wonder if these top level officials running New York City would have this same attitude if one of the dead were their child… wife. “Sorry kids, mom’s dead but we will NOT allow the terrorists to deprive us of Halloween!”

The problem with that attitude is something did happen. Mayor DeBlasio, Governor Cuomo, and Police Commissioner O’Neill, eight innocent people who lived or visited within the city you are responsible for are dead and will not be going home to their families tonight and you have the audacity to tell New Yorkers to put it behind them and to show the terrorists how resilient New Yorkers are by having a Halloween celebration. Am I the only who sees this as inappropriate?

An Islamic war has been declared on America. Today a Jihadist took that war to New York City… AGAIN.

We are at WAR but the leaders of our cities and states are so focused on this political correctness stupidity that they are taking the position of understating the significance and failing to protect our country.

It is time to put political correctness into the bowels of wherever it came and give it the old heave ho. All mosques must be surveilled. Lists of all immigrants must be kept on file along with information on everyone coming into our country and those currently in our country on anti-American programs devised by Obama.

Shame on you New York for allowing your leaders to put the safety of your families and children second to political correctness. Shame on you politicians for having the audacity to come on TV and spiel this crap.

You can call them cowards all day long, De Blasio. You can say they’re trying to intimidate the city and the people in it. The bottom line is you and your governor are complicit in every attack befalling that once great city because you are failing to put the safety and well-being of New York citizens before the feelings of the Muslim community who do not share American ideologies. They were raised on the Koran. There is nothing American about the Koran, Mr. Mayor.

The bottom line is war has been declared on our country and your #NewYorkStrong hashtag and your “we’re not going to be intimidated” attitude as you carry on with your Halloween celebration is disgusting and shameful for what used to be a great city. What you told the people of New York is you are going to continue to do exactly as you’ve been doing insofar as allowing immigrant terrorists to infiltrate their city and nothing will change because you’re #NewYorkStrong. All this tells me is you haven’t learned a damn thing. Your anti-American/pro-immigrant policies will result in more senseless and avoidable deaths.

Shame on you for destroying my hometown with your politically correct bullshit.

5 thoughts on “Eight disposable people killed in NYC terror attack: Mayor declares Halloween festivities will go on!

    1. The point you missed is they’re complicit. When your husband or wife is dead on the streets of New York, you expect some reflection. Perhaps a feeling of loss. All those clowns did was say they will continue to do exactly as they’ve been doing. Obviously that hasn’t worked because there are 8 dead people. Maybe you need a couple of friends sick and dying from 9/11 to understand where I’m coming from.


  1. “..We are at WAR but the leaders of our cities and states are so focused on this political correctness stupidity..” not all cities…


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