Mob of BLM, SPLC takes over Columbia University event

Fascist protesters from groups Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Southern Poverty Law Center of Columbia University and others shut down Tommy Robinson’s speech Tuesday night at Columbia University.

Robinson’s speech on immigration, “The Fall of Europe – Mass Immigration” was slated for 8 p.m. It opened to a Q & A in an effort to quell the crowd of ticket-holding protesters and allow their arguments to be heard, but quickly folded as they began chanting, “Let them in! Let them in! Let them in!” in reference to the crowd of protesters without tickets beating on the doors to gain entrance.

The ticketless protesters eventually swarmed the hall and shut down Robinson before he was able to begin his planned 60-minute speech.

Robinson Explains…

The outcome was to be expected as today’s universities bend over for their fragile student populations who operate more like brain-dead robots than conscientious humans with functioning brain cells.

University professors and administrators alike refuse to confront their students when they begin acting out like spoiled and out-of-control kindergarteners having temper tantrums. Many of today’s professors are as socially inept and dysfunctional as their students, so it’s really no wonder these students act out like brain damaged miscreants with no self-control and no concept of what it is to have an open mind to new or conflicting ideas. How can a professor be a worthy mentor to students when in his spare time he’s hitting people over the head with bike locks or blocking freeways screaming, “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon!”?

The filth on the streets of New York is alive…

Their protest began as they hit the streets off the nearby subway and took over the streets with signs as they walked toward the university grounds. “Black Lives Matter” signs were plentiful in the crowd, while others read, “Stop Tommy” and “White Silence is Violence.”

A man spoke to the crowd of protesters on a megaphone, saying, “When Colin Kaepernick is out of a job, when the president of the United States calls Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization, where is our free speech?”

Colorful phrases, such as, “Hey Columbia don’t you know, white supremacy’s got to go,” “Fascists out of New York City” and others came in their wake.

According to a Facebook page advertising the protest, “alt-right speakers” (as they allege Robinson is), are “not welcome on our campus.”

“As students and community members, we are disappointed in our campus Young Republicans for choosing to aid the trend of violent provocation over intellectual discourse,” Columbia’s Apartheid Divest group wrote. “Far-right extremism has relied upon Young Republican chapters at universities for audiences, promotion, and credibility.”

These groups have no intention of allowing conservative lecturers to speak on campus now or in the future. Their goal is to shut them down before they have an opportunity to engage with their audiences. On CAD’s Facebook page they laid out their plan:

“After tonight’s protest against fascist Tommy Robinson, we- the students who occupied Lerner- have called an organizing meeting at 8pm in Avery basement. More than 100 BC/CUID students were turned away from engaging in open discussion with the speaker despite the stated admission policy, and certain students who were able to enter the event and protest had their IDs take by public safety. Tonight we showed that there were hundreds of students on this campus who were willing to stand up against fascism and white supremacy. In the next month, the Columbia University College Republicans have invited more fascists to speak on our campus, and we have called this meeting to decide how to fight the right and protect our own in the coming weeks. Tonight we did not accept fascism, and we will not in the future.”

College Republicans President Ari Boosalis spoke with Campus Reform after the event, saying he was depressed and came to the realization free speech is dead.

“People were disrespectful, they were flipping off, they were not willing to have a conversation, all they wanted to do was yell ‘white supremacy!’ and call me a white supremacist. The protesters never wanted to be challenged,” he said.

Boosalis’ summed it up in a few short words: “Columbia failed. The Columbia administration failed.”

As long as mobs of undesirables are given free reign to terrorize other students and their events, this will continue. In the future, College Republicans chapters would be prudent to refuse event tickets to known protesters. This is THEIR event, and they have the right to control their events. It’s evident Columbia University is more interested in appeasing donors like those connected to well-funded special interest groups –  the Muslim Student Association (MSA), Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) to name a few –  than they are in protecting the rights and learning experiences of their students.

College Republicans MUST take their destiny into their own hands. A good start is refusing ticket sales to those whose singular purpose is to disrupt events. Carrying on with the status quo will only produce the same results where the agitators win and silence conservative thoughts and voices.

It’s time to fight back. Take no prisoners.

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