“Modern Family” producer curses out Christians after DACA decision

Danny Zuker, the executive producer of ABC’s “Modern Family,” took to Twitter with a resounding message of “F**k You” Monday night to Christians who support President Trump’s decision to end Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty program.

Danny Zuker

“Dear Christians, if you support @realdonaldtrump’s decision to end DACA then your Christianity is bulls**t. But on the other hand, f**k you,” Zuker tweeted.

Ben Shapiro captured Zuker’s tweet and tweeted him back to take it down a level but, although Zuker deleted his initial tweet after being bombarded with angry tweets, it didn’t stop Zuker’s war on Christians or Trump.

dzuker 2 tweets


“Conservatives didn’t particularly object to Zuker’s use of the f-word,” Shapiro noted in the Daily Wire Tuesday. “They objected to the general notion that the Bible dictates that a country erase its borders because some people have entered a country ‘through no fault of their own.’ Nothing in the Bible mandates this. In fact, the Biblical standard for citizenship is precisely the same as the Constitutional standard: abiding by the laws of the country in question.”

Christians and Trump supporters alike didn’t hold back in their responses to Zuker’s disdain and slung a little mud of their own.

dzuker response

Meanwhile, Trump supported his decision to rescind DACA in a statement Tuesday.

“In June of 2012,” the letter reads, “President Obama bypassed Congress to give work permits, social security numbers, and federal benefits to approximately 800,000 illegal immigrants currently between the ages of 15 and 36.  The typical recipients of this executive amnesty, known as DACA, are in their twenties.  Legislation offering these same benefits had been introduced in Congress on numerous occasions and rejected each time.

“Officials from 10 States are suing over the program, requiring my Administration to make a decision regarding its legality. The Attorney General of the United States, the Attorneys General of many states, and virtually all other top legal experts have advised that the program is unlawful and unconstitutional and cannot be successfully defended in court.”

His letter goes on to say that Mr. Obama’s implementation of DACA created a humanitarian crisis with a massive surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the border and coming into the country, and in some cases these minors became involved with “violent gangs throughout our country, such as MS-13.”

“As I’ve said before,” the statement continues, “we will resolve the DACA issue with heart and compassion – but through the lawful Democratic process – while at the same time ensuring that any immigration reform we adopt provides enduring benefits for the American citizens we were elected to serve.  We must also have heart and compassion for unemployed, struggling, and forgotten Americans.”

The election of Donald Trump: The President who wasn’t supposed to be

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