The truth about Charlottesville they don’t want you to know

The events that transpired last week in Charlottesville at the “Unite the Right” rally horrified the nation. As the wreckage played on news program after news program there were a few things that were very clear. For one, a woman’s life was cut short for no reason and a man will spend many years behind bars for causing her death. Two, the media was spending more time berating Trump in relation to the tragedy than remembering Heather Heyer, the young woman who lost her life. And lastly, the press was kinder to the young man responsible for the death than they were to President Trump for not using the precise language they required each time he spoke of the devastation.

For the “alt-right” party, the wall-to-wall news casting them in a negative light with Nazis and white supremacists was devastating. The local media ran with the angle that Nazis were going berserk on normal, everyday people with no weapons. This is what the people in Virginia were being shown according to people who live there. The mainstream media wasn’t much better because at the end of the day the true story was not being told. It’s been a week and still many people don’t know the whole truth.

If you look at enough video of the day’s events, it becomes evident why the Department of Justice is doing a full investigation into the tragedy. The most culpable party did not come in the form of white nationalists or Antifa anarchists or the Black Lives Matter anti-cop group, but the insidious Democrats behind the scenes who orchestrated this calamity, thereby putting their political agenda before the safety of citizens.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) had a stern and pointed message for the right wing groups who wreaked havoc on his city: “Go home. … You are not wanted in this great commonwealth. Shame on you.”

The governor also boldly asserted he didn’t want President Trump stepping foot in Charlottesville because his rhetoric was dividing the nation. Assassination recommendations on our sitting president littered social media and it’s been a bash-fest free for all for the past week – and it’s all aimed at President Trump for not denouncing the KKK and white supremacists in a satisfactory manner.

It’s curious to see the media’s and the left’s obsession to sell the Trump/KKK/racist agenda considering when white supremacist Dylan Roof killed several black parishioners because of their skin color Obama blamed it on guns. That was his agenda item. Now the agenda is Trump is a neo-Nazi and whatever trash they can dump in his lap is a welcome addition. Besides, if they report on that, they don’t have to report on actual news showing a surging market and economy, a 70 percent reduction in illegals coming into the country, the capture of MS-13 killers, the lowest unemployment in 17 years, a million new jobs… anything that’s positive and complimentary to his presidency. These things are strictly prohibited by the Democratic agenda.

Charlottesville Police Chief Al S. Thomas Jr. told the Washington Post that things broke down because the white nationalist groups didn’t hold to a plan that would have kept them separated from the protesters. Video, however, tells a very different story.

Judge for yourself.

The first video shows the minutes leading up to the event. The white nationalists are assembled in a cordoned off area at Emancipation Park waiting to begin their speeches when a bullhorn comes to life. “In the name of the commonwealth,” an officer says, “this is declared an unlawful assembly and you are hereby commanded to disperse.”

They argue they have a court-ordered permit to hold their rally. In fact, the ACLU fought for the white nationalists to get the permit to hold their event. Where were the orders coming from to unlawfully shut down the rally?

The second video is a narrated and sequenced collection of video which tells the story of how things unfolded. The white nationalists had speeches planned at Emancipation Park to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee. When they arrived at the park Saturday morning, they were soon met by police who lined up in full riot gear telling them to disperse. Pepper spray soon followed.

As they were being forced out, they were trying to figure out how to make it to their cars without being attacked.  They were clearly outnumbered. Within minutes, the white nationalists were pushed out of the park through a single entrance and met by hordes of angry BLM, Antifa and protesters in general lining the streets. Not a single speech was made. Judging by the sheer volume of people protesting the alt-right’s rally to save the Robert E. Lee statue it’s easy to see they are clearly outnumbered and don’t want trouble.

After the event, the left quickly took the opportunity to market Soros’ henchmen, Antifa, and cast them in a glowing light as something akin to Mighty Mouse.

It’s interesting and surprising that Chris Matthews pushes for answers on Antifa from agenda-driven guests who clearly have a pro-Antifa agenda and do not want to reveal the dirt on this group of fascist thugs being celebrated by the left.

By now, all Trump supporters know it doesn’t matter what Trump said or didn’t say after what transpired. Nothing was going to be good enough. Nothing he does will ever satisfy the left and the media will continue to drive apart the nation. At some point the rational liberals in our country might catch on to this Soros-funded charade and jump ship. Until then we will keep up the fight to bring to light all the dirty deeds of the Democrats and all of Trump’s accomplishments the media refuses to cover.

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