The Hypocrisy of Hollywood in the era of Trump

Throughout America and beyond, Hollywood’s elite are banging loudly on their drums and singing the denigrations of Trump. For a “tolerant” crew they sure have no tolerance for those who sing to the beat of a different drummer. It comes across as a collective bullying with each tormenter drawing strength and power from those speaking up before him. It’s easy to liken it to the adult version of the school bully.

There is a host of hypocrisies that thrive within the elite of Hollywood and, on any given day, they come to life on social media, print media, radio and television. They make sure their voices are heard loud and clear. Those with whom they disagree, they either ignore or block on Twitter. They typically won’t carry on a give and take exchange of thoughts and ideas with “the little people,” and live merrily within their bubble of righteousness in the sanctimonious hills of Hollywood with the other Stepford celebrities whose news consumption has been compromised by the liberal mainstream media.

Bruce Springsteen has gone so far as to come out on stage throughout Europe, China, Australia, Germany – you name it – to trash-talk Trump as a “flagrant toxic narcissist,” and an “embarrassment to America,” among other choice phrases. He proclaims America is a land of immigrants and Trump’s stance on immigration is anti-democratic and un-American. Casey Affleck denounced the administration as abhorrent and un-American. Rosie O’Donnell led a protest, dubbed “A Resistance Address,” against our president. Michael Moore has turned full fledge insane and might be attempting a coup with people in purple hats to overthrow Trump and his hateful minions, so keep your eyes open.

Evidently, none of these celebrities came through Ellis Island. Surprisingly, not a single one is versed in the history of immigration into America. If there’s anything President Trump’s immigration policies are, they’re American.

A quick jaunt through history educates on the facts and reality, which is a far cry from what Bruce romanticizes about as he belts out, “Land of Hope and Dreams.”  Prostitutes, anarchists, the mentally deficient, “idiots,” “lunatics,” and those with physical or mental handicaps coming into Ellis Island were sent back to their ports of entry. America didn’t want them. The sickly or children without parents were turned away. If immigrants didn’t have a means of financial support, they were not permitted entry. The Chinese Exclusion Act kept out the Chinese. Throughout different historical periods, different nationalities were not allowed admittance. If you came off as someone who would produce “undesirable offspring,” you were turned away and sent back to your country of origin.

Trump’s executive order of banning immigrants from six or seven Middle East countries that are a breeding ground for terrorist activity is as American as baseball and apple pie, Hollywood! Your hysteria, however entertaining at times, is misplaced. It’s your views on immigration that are un-American.

The unfounded and bizarre immigration hysteria is the first of many hypocrisies thriving within the posh Hollywood Hills and beyond.

Meryl Streep invested most of her time allotted for her award speech at the Golden Globes to repeat to the world the manufactured story about Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter. At the same time, she slammed Trump supporters for laughing at the impersonation at his rally.

“There was one performance this year that stunned me — it sank its hooks in my heart,” Streep said, in an Oscar-worthy performance. “Not because it was good; there was nothing good about it. But it was effective and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh, and show their teeth.”

The interesting thing about this never-ending falsehood is the left has been told numerous times by Mr. Trump himself the basis for their accusation is misguided.

“People keep saying I intended to mock the reporter’s disability, as if Meryl Streep and others could read my mind, and I did no such thing,” Trump stated in an interview. “I was never mocking anyone. I was calling into question a reporter who had gotten nervous because he had changed his story.” Mr. Trump said that the reporter had been trying to back away from an article he wrote in September 2001 about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

He can repeat this story ‘til the cows come home and it will change nothing. The Hollywood clan already has its edition of Trump News and they have their own liberal version called, “Trump Mocking the Disabled Reporter.”

But Meryl Streep wasn’t finished yet. She had this grand opportunity in front of her elitist friends on a world stage and she had to really give it to Trump. What we witnessed was Hollywood hypocrisy in all its unabashed glory.

“This instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing,” Streep said. “Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence. And when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

This is a zinger. Donald Trump is the most reviled president of our times and has been the punching bag of a toxic and humiliating press and group of elitists. The abuse hurled at him and his family and his supporters is a non-stop affair of rudeness, misinformation, hostility and blatant hatred. And this woman has the audacity to talk about humiliating someone when she and her cohorts have done nothing but humiliate, belittle, embarrass and denigrate our president and his entire family in front of millions of viewers on any platform that will have them.

Exactly what does Streep think she’s doing if not the same thing of which she accuses Trump? Here she is on a world stage denigrating the President of the United States over something he has denied and explained since the minute it happened. Streep’s objective was quite clear.  Her purpose was to humiliate him in front of the world in retaliation for a reporter whom she demonstrably assumes can’t defend himself. What does this say about Streep’s views of disabled people? Does she think they’re helpless? Does she assume a disability necessarily prevents someone from speaking up for himself?  As a reporter for the New York Times, it makes perfect sense this man was more than capable of defending himself and did not require Streep’s pity or help.

The hypocrisy of the left can both anger and entertain.

If anyone should understand the power of the press to spin and finagle and put an impression of an observation out as the truth without knowing the backstory, it’s Hollywood, so I expect more from them in this regard. But as it concerns Mr. Trump, they hear only what justifies their preconceived notions, which of course have been embedded by the likes of CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC and the rest of the liberal media hacks. It’s called the power of persuasion. If you repeat something enough, it becomes “truth.”

Hillary’s team was skillful in the regard of persuasion, and between Hillary and her elitist friends in Hollywood the strategy was clear: Brand Trump as everything negative and classless and politically incorrect. Their objective was to typecast Donald Trump as the most repugnant and reviled individual in America, and with the liberal media lapdogs at their disposal this image became an absolute reality in the minds of millions. Thanks to CNN, the New York Times and the rest of the anti-Trump media lords in her coat pocket, the liberal elites took a successful, billionaire real estate developer with his fair share of blemishes and branded him as the incarnation of Adolph Hitler himself. However perfect their performances, there was an unexpected cost. The media inadvertently branded themselves in the process – fake news.

Although the Clinton campaign was a miserable failure as far as getting into the White House, the team performed flawlessly in regards to painting this demoralizing and inhumane picture of Mr. Trump. And with that, America must live.

The Road of Hypocrisy doesn’t end there as there’s still that glaring inconsistency on how they make their fat paychecks. They entertain. They exploit for profit. They capture the humor, the denigration, the stereotypes in all those naughty things they speak out against and put it on a big screen for everyone to see – much like Streep’s Oscar-worthy performance at the Golden Globes.

The Big Bang Theory is just one example of Hollywood’s “do as we say, not as we do” mindset. Simon Helberg plays the typical spoiled Jewish boy with the typical Jewish boy name who lives with his mother well into adulthood, and frequently speaks of brisket and gefilte fish. He gets the Jewish mother guilt trip and coddling, and it’s flawlessly brought to life off screen by the late and great Carol Ann Susi. The dicky rounds out the “my mother dressed me this morning” look of his character. Howard Wolowitz is the stereotypical Jew. Probably the only thing missing from the Jewish stereotype is the penny-pinching, so someone must have been off their game when creating Howard.

Then there’s Kaley Cuoco as Penny, the Midwest girl whose high school years were spent drinking beer and tipping cows for entertainment because everyone knows there’s nothing better to do in Nebraska than drink beer and tip cows. Unless of course you’re a pretty, dumb blond in which case you add runs to the drug store for pregnancy tests as a matter of course.

Mayim Bialik plays Amy, the geeky girl who only had make-believe friends growing up, never had a boyfriend and dresses like a cross between Goodwill and she just got out of her grandmother’s closet. Amy Farrah Fowler – the stereotype of the unpopular, lackluster girl.

And who can forget Raj, the “little, brown Indian boy” and Mrs. Cooper, Sheldon’s racist mother who lives in the cowpoke state of Texas?

The Big Bang Theory is an entire cast of characters and plots made up of stereotypes and getting laughs at the expense of stereotypes. It makes no apologies for the groups it denigrates or offends in the name of entertainment. It makes fun of gays, foreigners and their foreign accents, geeks, science nerds, mid-westerners, Christians, Jews… it runs the gamut of any and all groups.

It also won the favorite network TV comedy award at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles. According to Vulture, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons will have earned nearly $140 million apiece after 12 years with the show. But these bankrolls are par for the course after wins and nominations for a multitude of Primetime Emmy Awards, Online Film Critics Society Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Critics Choice Television Awards, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Satellite Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Television Critics Association Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and a plethora of lesser known awards.

In short, The Big Bang Theory has been a gold mine at the expense of minorities, minority groups and all stereotypes. It’s politically incorrect on overdrive, and draws a huge crowd. Why is that? Perhaps people feel stifled that they have to tiptoe around every subject from peeing in a public bathroom to a person’s nationality because society is training them on what’s appropriate and acceptable to think and what is not, and the Big Bang Theory doesn’t put restrictions on how they’re supposed to feel or think. The Big Bang Theory allows them to laugh at foreign accents and nerds and little brown Indian boys with no guilt or shame attached. It’s interesting that the same group achieving extraordinary wealth and recognition by proliferating stereotypes is the same group monitoring the political correctness of Trump and his supporters on social media. And let’s face reality, college liberals don’t require a trigger warning to watch the Big Bang Theory or any other politically incorrect movie or television program.

On the Democrats’ high and mighty platform hypocrisy runs amuck. And on so many levels.

As of late, racism is a hot button issue for the Hollywood elites. It seems they found out last year that throughout the history of the entertainment industry, minorities have been neglected. In fact, in 2016 when it came time to announce the Academy Awards nominees, it was a WHITE OUT. Yes, Caucasians only. Some banned the Academy that year in a show of solidarity. The Academy’s president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, said she was, “heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion.”

And to think, all these years I thought the Academy Awards were about honoring and recognizing the exemplary talent of those who excelled and shined above all others in their respective categories. But that couldn’t be what the Academy Awards is about if the Academy’s president herself is tossing in the race card with the line “lack of inclusion.”

What does race and skin color have to do with an awards program?

In 2016 did it occur to everyone involved with the awards show that there weren’t enough talented minorities? Is that what happened? Perhaps, that’s the year they realized the awards show was racist because they nominated only white people even though there were other races of individuals who were more talented but they were automatically cast aside due to their skin color?

What’s the lowdown on this, Hollywood? What’s the real the story, because it’s one or the other? Either minorities were not nominated because they weren’t up to snuff and none of them gave exemplary performances, or your entire governing party is racist and you judged a performer’s talent based on their skin color.

Chris Rock explained his take on Hollywood’s racist edge at the 88th Annual Academy Awards: “Is Hollywood racist? You’re damn right Hollywood is racist. But it ain’t that racist that you’ve grown accustomed to. Hollywood is sorority racist. It’s like, ‘We like you Rhonda, but you’re not a Kappa’.”

Isaacs responded to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy by spearheading a campaign to diversify the Academy’s membership and invited a record number of women and minorities to participate. In total, 683 film industry professionals from 59 countries were invited to participate, and they were comprised of 46 percent females and 41 percent people of color. And in 2017 the Academy Awards made history with the most awards to black talent ever.

So this brings us back to the race card. Were the most awards ever bestowed upon black talent doled out because they were actually earned or were they pity awards? Was it reparations for past years’ abuses and denigrations? What is it, Hollywood? How do you go from a white-out to a black-out in an awards show if there is no favoritism or race or inclusion involved and the awards are truly earned. Giving a black person an Academy Award based on their race is a smack across the face to anyone of color. It is a meaningless gesture… a pity award… here, this is for you because you’re black and I’m trying to ease my conscience because Hollywood has spent the past hundred years being racists. And now, abracadabra, we’re not racists anymore because we gave you this award.

Are the awards no longer about film but about inclusion, in which case they should rename the awards show to perhaps something more fitting, like, “The Academy of Inclusion in Film.”

When you hold minorities to a different standard than that of which you hold white people, or include or exclude someone based on their race or skin color, it is the epitome of racism. Minorities… black people… they don’t want to win an award because of their skin color. They don’t want your pity either, Hollywood. They don’t want you to set the bar lower and make exceptions for them. They want to be treated like you treat the white people. They don’t want you to see a skin color. They want you to see a person and judge that person based on what they’ve accomplished.

As Chris Rock put it, “It’s just, we want opportunity. We want black actors to get the same opportunities as white actors.”

And they should.

But of course Hollywood’s hypocrisy isn’t limited to racism, stereotypes and how they make their millions, but also on how they spend their millions.

When Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t at awards ceremonies chastising the world at large for how everyone’s contributing to climate change and how we must be conscientious and lower our carbon footprint, he’s taking private jets to awards ceremonies to make these speeches.

“Climate change is real and is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating,” he told the audience when he took best actor at the 2016 Academy Awards for Revenant. “We need to support leaders around the world, who do not speak for the big polluters or the big corporations, but who speak for all of humanity.”

He must be unaware that the kid running North Korea is a head case and barely out of diapers and a calamity of nuclear missile proportions would wreak havoc on the carbon footprint – the “most urgent threat facing our entire species” – that he’s so worried about as he jets off from place to place in a very wasteful and un-eco-friendly private jet to offer his sermons. Although he’s been criticized for his heavy-carbon lifestyle, he continues to play the Hollywood Hypocrite to a T as he laments Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement with a tweet: “Today, our planet suffered. It’s more important than ever to take action.”

DiCaprio is not alone in his ambitions to tell everyone what they’re doing wrong environmentally, just like Streep isn’t the only one to stand on a public platform to level humiliation at Trump.

Not only has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name been linked to industrial scale deforestation through an investment fund he once held a stake in as a major investor, but as governor of California he remained living in his massive Southern California home and commuted more than 300 miles to work multiple times a week by private jet. What’s more, as governor of California he got a 53 percent on California league of Conservation Voters’ (CLCV) annual California Environmental Scorecard. This boils down to Schwarzenegger only signing about half of the environmental bills that crossed his desk when he was governor.

This is worth noting seeing as he just came out with an environmental initiative in response to President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. In a cooperative effort, Schwarzenegger Institute at the University of Southern California and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators unveiled the Digital Environmental Legislative Handbook earlier this month. It’s a searchable database of environmental bills and laws designed to help legislators create their own climate change laws.

On its face, Schwarzenegger’s environmental turnabout seems to have little to do with the environment and much to do with his testosterone level in his war with Trump over comments made regarding his ratings on The Apprentice. This year the actor has made it a point to bash Trump for pulling out of the climate accord at every opportunity and has even teamed up with Democratic Governor Jerry Brown to do it.

To put Trump’s pulling out of the climate agreement into perspective, it would cost $100 billion a year, reduce emissions to limit the rise in temperature by no more than 2 degrees, and the starting date is in 2020. To top it off, no country is held accountable for doing their fair share to reduce their carbon footprint.

The list of celebrities bashing Trump over the Paris agreement is as massive as the carbon footprints they each create through movie productions, their jet-setter lifestyles and private jets, and the energy consumption of their numerous mansions throughout the world.

Each day the Hollywood Hypocrites come to life on Twitter and social media in general to criticize, curse out and ostracize our president. They feed off of each other’s anger and disdain and belittle those who are not in their liberal clique. Their contempt for our president has no boundaries and the accusations they hurl at him, of which they themselves are culpable, further divides our people and our country. It’s gotten to the point that democratic celebrities can’t open their mouths anymore without saying something to ridicule or denigrate our president and, by extension, our country.

But make no mistake, not all of Hollywood sings to the un-American, hypocritical tune of these left-wing rebels who pummel President Trump as part of their daily routine. Some, instead, get off on their misery.

“I never anticipated that one of the great joys of the Trump election would be the Liberal Meltdown,” James Woods tweeted. “God, this is sinfully delicious fun!”

Yes, indeed it is.

One thought on “The Hypocrisy of Hollywood in the era of Trump

  1. Amen! Sick of the faux elite in their castles being hypocritical assholes to everyone not holding their groupthink idiotic ideals to be in line with their own. Hypocrisy at its worst.


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