San Jose State to charge for mandatory leftist indoctrination

San Jose State University is taking no chances with free-thinking freshmen and transfer students, and has mandated microaggression and diversity training with a minimum $250 price tag in its Frosh Orientation.

The training is a one-day orientation on campus and focuses on videos depicting skits of microaggressions performed by student actors and encompasses areas such as culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. No portion of the fee is optional and students must participate in every aspect of the day’s programming to be eligible to register for fall classes.

Frosh Orientation is described as a “one-day orientation program during the summer” on SJSU’s website, which adds that “this mandatory program shows you all that SJSU has to offer.” The orientaton classes run from July to August 7 to August 16.

The addition of microaggressions training to the Frosh Orientation was made public by SJSU’s Chief Diversity Officer Kathleen Wong this June in a series of tweets.

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According to the FAQ page on the San Jose State website, “Attending all activities during your Frosh Orientation is required. If you do not attend or leave during any portion, you will be blocked from class registration.”

The Frosh Orientation registration fee is $250 and an additional $80 fee for each accompanying family member. Overnight accommodations are not included in the price, and students must pay either $54 or $71 per person per night for double and single occupancy bedrooms respectively. The orientation fee includes all programming costs, parking and meals.

In a nutshell, San Jose is flagrantly asserting its liberal privilege and embarking on a platform to legitimatize thought control. Students and faculty alike must think, speak and act as prescribed or the thought police – which is literally everyone within earshot – has the power to file a bias complaint which can result in a full blown police investigation.

This new prescription for thought policing comes as the remedy to establish and maintain a campus free of bias, discrimination, “hate violence” and bullying. University administration, in collaboration with the Academic Senate, student leaders and staff are required to attend cultural sensitivity training and review “transformative measures such as the legacy of hate in America.”

Those who don’t measure up are subject to progressive disciplinary actions, up to and including, termination from admission to the university, or employment with the university.

The impetus for microaggressons and diversity being a mandated and integral part of freshman orientation stems from an incident during the fall semester of 2013 when three white freshman students allegedly called their black roommate “three-fifths” and “fraction”, hung a Confederate flag in the living room and a bike lock around his neck. The interesting part of these allegations is what white kid straight out of high school would use the terms “three-fifths” and “fraction” in relation to a black kid? Ask around. White high school kids don’t even know what these terms mean.

The three youths were expelled and prosecuted for a hate crime. In 2016 one of the students was acquitted of the hate crime allegations and received a one-day jail sentence with time served, and a mistrial was declared for the other two defendants. They were penalized with 50 hours of volunteer work and a sensitivity class on African-American history.

San Jose State experienced a meltdown upon the verdicts and Donald Trump was blamed for the racial divide created and nurtured throughout the Obama administration.

“This verdict and sentencing has reopened the wounds that we as a community have been working towards healing in the time since it occurred,” the Black Student Union’s statement read. “It makes us realize how much work still needs to be done on our campus, in our city, and in our country, especially in a time when America is very visibly rearing its racism openly with the rise of Donald Drumpf’s presidential campaign. We are deeply frustrated with the lack of hate crime charges and the ridiculously minimal sentencing of just a mere 30 days of punishment which only adds insult to injury to us as a community, but most over, to the victim, Donald Williams Jr.”

Pat Harris, SJSU’s director of media relations, attributed the new program to Title IX requirements.

“Title IX requires San Jose State to ensure our students have access to all educational opportunities provided here. Given our obligations under Title IX, SJSU provides training at freshmen orientation to ensure students understand their rights and responsibilities,” Harris said. “These sessions are interactive, so content varies.”

The Title IX Education Amendment was written in 1972 to prevent gender discrimination in the educational athletic system, and has since been polluted in its interpretation to add “new” and “better” and more constricting restrictions for the masses of (trigger warning!) “normal” students to maneuver.





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