Profs blame conservative media for GOP’s dismal view of academia

University professors are not taking kindly to the latest Pew Research poll numbers showing Republican-leaning voters have an unreceptive view of academia, and some are pointing the finger of blame at conservative media.

pewer.jpgThe June 2017 Pew survey showed 58 percent of right-leaning voters reported higher education has a negative impact on the country. Only 36 percent of Republicans polled held a favorable view – a hefty double-digit loss from the 54 percent favorability polled just two years ago.

These results contrast sharply with Democrat-leaning voters, who overwhelmingly believe higher education has a positive impact on the country. In fact, 72 percent of the left-leaning voters held a favorable view and only 19 percent reported they viewed academia as having a negative impact on the country.

Pew didn’t speculate on the sharp divide between Republican and Democrat views, nor did it proffer reasons for the severe and sudden decline in Republican favorability.

Some professors are stepping up to the plate to offer their own analysis of the results. They’re blaming the bleak report card on conservative media outlets.

This seems about right. The more reporting of the abuses, shortfalls and indoctrination taking place in today’s institutions of higher learning, the more informed, concerned and outraged Republicans become. 

So it seems professors get it, but they still don’t get it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out “free speech zones” on campus are un-American and Hitler-esque. Who the hell do these university administrators think they are castrating the First Amendment? Democrats may not have a problem with it, as long as it’s curtailing the free speech of those with whom they disagree. However, they won’t hear of their own speech being limited. Seeing as like-minded individuals run the institutions, it’s a happy marriage, and only the rights of Republican students are being pounded into the quad.

The social justice warriors are more than guilted into taking multiple white-washing courses designed to offer redemption for their white privilege. “The Problem with Whiteness,” “Abolition of Whiteness,” and “Stop White People” are just a handful of divisive, racist and perverse courses our leftist friends clamor for to help purge them of the many inherent advantages that come with being white.

For example, being told you’re inherently racist because you’re white is a major advantage. Black and brown professors tweeting about how they hate white people and getting away with it because of their “minority status” is also a privilege white college students enjoy.

The crime here is that the anti-white administration and the anti-white professors indoctrinate freshman into believing this racist crap and, even more criminal, is they make taking such courses part of the general education requirements needed to graduate.

Of course the anti-white racism and hijacking of the First Amendment for conservatives goes hand in hand with the left’s fixation on “micro-aggressions” and “diversity training.” It’s a well-rounded package for the social justice warriors who have professors littering Twitter, videos and Facebook pages with their anti-white people, racist rants.

…and in one very uncertain academic future.

Conservative media is not letting these anti-conservative and anti-white racist stories fall by the wayside and go unheeded. Campus Reform, The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson are just a few putting these stories out and giving them airtime.  As at least some of the professors realize, conservative media is tuned in to the anti-American atrocities taking place within academia and it’s educating its base.

What’s interesting at this point in time is that while many schools are taking their insanity courses to new extremes and mandating a certain amount of indoctrination to be with the in crowd and be eligible to actually register for classes, the state of Arizona is taking the pro-American road with measure HB2120 that would ban ethnic studies classes in colleges and universities.  These studies were already banned from Arizona’s public and charter primary and secondary schools in 2010, so they mean business in eradicating this warped nonsense.

The extended ban Arizona is looking at takes aim at courses such as “Whiteness and Race Theory” and other offensive classes because the courses advocate hate through preaching inequality. As state Rep. Bob Thorpe put it, “If you want to have classes that teach resentment between individuals, you should have to fund them. Taxpayers should not be paying for classes that discriminate.” 

The good news is that Republican lawmakers recognize there’s a problem. Even better news is (as college profs have pointed out) the conservative media is educating its readers and viewers about the blatant brainwashing and normalization of racism at colleges and universities across the country. Unfortunately, as of this printing, Arizona lawmakers supporting the ban are in a lone boat being attacked by racist sharks who want nothing more than to put whites in their place at the bottom of the barrel and strip them of their “white privilege.”

Shawn and Rai King

So as the battle rages on between good and evil and Republicans and Democrats, we have people like New York Daily News Columnist and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King who calls measures such as HB2120 “completely and utterly disgusting” for prohibiting professors from teaching students to recognize “economic and skin privilege.”

And here the Republicans thought taking a sledgehammer to whites and knocking them down a few pegs for the color of their skin was completely and utterly disgusting.

The Pew research survey polled 2,504 Americans between June 8 and 18, 2017.

One thought on “Profs blame conservative media for GOP’s dismal view of academia

  1. Media has nothing to do with it. There are two primary reasons for the dismal view of academia:

    1.) Universities that suck on the public teat, producing little more than dreck, and which induce youngsters to take on lifelong loans for the sole purpose of Marxist indoctrination in place of learning skills and knowledge necessary for the student to become a productive citizens.

    2.) Fake and fraudulent “science”:

    A.) Fake climate “science”

    B.) Fake nutritional “science”

    C.) Fake cosmology “science” that says life is nothing more than a temporary pocket of negative entropy.


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