Professor tweets MAGA is for white supremacy, killing colored people

A professor at University of Kansas went on a racist tweeting tirade last month, commenting that the only people who believe in President Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” are those deeply invested in white supremacy and the killing of black and brown people.

This gem of anti-white racism came out of Subini Annamma, an assistant professor in the university’s special education department, along with an eclectic collection of declarations sure to earn her high regards at today’s anti-white institutions of higher education.

Anyone of even average intelligence must ask, who the hell is hiring these train wrecks of bigoted, anti-white racism to educate today’s youth?

As reported in Campus Reform, Annamma’s diatribe came on the heels of the fatal police shooting in Seattle of Charleena Lyles, a mentally ill woman who pulled a knife on police and lunged at one of the officers.

But who cares? According to Annamma, who’s a self-professed “Brown Feminist,” white people aren’t all that bothered by the killings of minorities.

“The systemic violence that killed Charleena Lyles is the very foundation of the country,” Annamma tweeted.

“There is no time to return to make America great again, unless you are deeply invested in white supremacy & killing of black & brown people … to secure your own white property through racism, ableism [and] cisheteropatriarch.”

Where on God’s green earth do these universities find these people and what is going through their brains to think, “Yeah, I’d like to hire this person”?

In another tweet, she goes on to say, “This summer heat implicates us all as we watch black and brown folx [sic] die to preserve white people’s rights to kill with impunity. Our lives will never mean as much as theirs and summer seems to be the time they like to remind us that we do not belong.”

Could it be anti-white, hate-filled speech is what today’s universities call diversity? Is being an anti-white racist nothing more than a different viewpoint and socially justified because white men bought black slaves from black slave owners in Africa 200 years ago?

Annamma’s racism in nothing new to her Twitter account. When Donald Trump won the election, she tweeted, “Dear White America, thank you for reminding people of color how much you hate us. You never loved us. And still we make you better.”

“Better” as in what? Hearing hate-filled speech from minorities who are bigoted toward whites and white students and their white students’ white parents? In what galaxy is this “better”?

Hate-filled bigotry is not better. And when a psychotic black woman lunges for a cop with a knife she’s going to be shot by an officer regardless of that officer’s skin color or racial bias or lack thereof. This doesn’t make an officer or white people in general systemically violent, white supremacists or racists.

Why is America normalizing anti-white racist teachers in our schools? Where is the outrage? Why are people like Annamma being employed in this country? Are these the values and qualities and views being sought after and revered in professors in today’s universities?

Let’s make America great again, and fast, because if this rate of idiocy continues there will be no America left to make great again.

Whatever the “logic” behind this insanity and recklessness in today’s universities’ hiring practices, why are white Americans content to pay tens of thousands of dollars to put their children into universities that hire racist individuals who hold hateful views of their white students? Their racism, after all, does not begin and end with their tweets.

Maybe it’s time for Americans to take a stand against anti-white racism and let school boards know in no uncertain terms that anti-American and anti-white racists have no place in America’s schools.

4 thoughts on “Professor tweets MAGA is for white supremacy, killing colored people

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  2. We need to take the educational system back from the far left radical nut jobs whom are destroying this generation AND country


  3. I think Planned Parenthood has killed more minority babies than any other group of killers in the nation.


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