Chicago “Dyke March” evicts Jews, Kent State U. applauds

In nothing short of a travesty and insult to the pro-Palestinian mindset of a new generation, three gay Jews marched in last weekend’s Dyke March carrying a pride flag emblazoned with the Star of David. A glaring mistake as Israel is frowned upon in modern-day American culture. As is in today’s new “anything goes but being a pro-Israel  Jew” atmosphere, the miscreants were kicked to the curb by the event organizers because the Star of David “made people feel unsafe.”

Surely one would think this gay pride group thought in advance to stock and supply the necessary items to alleviate such discomfort but, alas, no coloring books, hot chocolate or puppies were reported to be on hand.

Laurel Grauer, manager of A Wider Bridge of Chicago, an organization that connects LGBTQ Jews and allies to the greater Chicago Jewish community, was approached numerous times by event participants about her flag being a “trigger.”

“They were telling me to leave because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive,” Grauer said. “Prior to this [march] I had never been harassed or asked to leave and I had always carried the flag with me.” Another person who was asked to leave told the Windy City Times that she was made to feel that “as a Jew, I am not welcome here.”

So much for the left’s “inclusive” branding, seeing as the event organizers are partial to Palestine and fervently anti-Jew. A member of the Dyke Collective March refuted the notion of being anti-Semitic to the Chicagoist, but also insists the group doesn’t want to be “associated with anything that could be interpreted as pro-Israel.”

“Yesterday during the rally we saw three individuals carrying Israeli flags super imposed on rainbow flags,” the march organizers stated to the Chicagoist. “Some folks say they are Jewish Pride flags. But as a Collective we are very much pro-Palestine, and when we see these flags we know a lot of folks who are under attack by Israel see the visuals of the flag as a threat, so we don’t want anything in the [Dyke March] space that can inadvertently or advertently express Zionism. So we asked the folks to please leave. We told them people in the space were feeling threatened.”

Dyke March organizers later released a statement clarifying that the decision to remove the Jewish marchers “was made after they repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Dyke March Collective members.”

Grauer conceded that she had told fellow marchers that she believes in a two-state resolution for Israel and Palestine, but summed up the response as,  “You can be gay, but not in this way.”

The American Jewish Committee condemned the atrocity and called for others to stand up and speak out about the attack on the Jewish community.

“In the heart of our city one of the most blatant incidents of anti-Semitism took place today at the Dyke March,” said AJC Chicago Director Amy Stoken. “Where is the collective outrage over this despicable targeting of Jews?”

America is still waiting. Where is the outrage?

A broad swath of the American population, especially amongst the expansive liberal community on college campuses, is anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine. As such, outrage may not be forthcoming anytime soon.

a1zionKent State Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) applauded the eviction of Jews from the Dyke March, asserting the three marchers were “associated with racist right wing groups” and, go on to say, had that not been the case they wouldn’t support their removal from the event.

“I don’t feel that SJP of Kent State in Ohio have any right to say what the views were of the Jews at the parade,” a Jewish student told Campus Reform. “I personally feel that they are saying that this wasn’t anti-Semitic because they want to seem like the good guy, when in fact they are being anti-Semitic.”

This sentiment was echoed by other Kent State students who spoke to Campus Reform.

“Time and time again, this oppressive and hateful group of people has made me feel sick and unwelcome on my own campus,” another student reported to Campus Reform. “This is another clear example of passive aggressive behavior that does not promote mature conversation.”

“I think it’s pitiful that SJP is the ONLY group on Kent State’s campus that belittles another group’s narrative to elevate their own,” a classmate concurred, saying that applying the term “racist” to Zionism “not only is racist in itself, but discriminates against people from every ethnicity, religion, and background,” because “support for the self-determination of the Jewish people…is not exclusive to right wing or left wing groups.”

The SJP is notorious on campuses for shouting down pro-Israel events. On May 15, the University of California, Irvine’s SJP chapter disrupted an event hosted by UCI’s chapter of Students Supporting Israel (SSI), “The Truth About Israel: From the perspective of Israeli veterans,” shouting “fuck you” at attendees and chanting “Israel, Israel, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide” and “Israel, Israel, what do you say? How many people have you killed today?”

In May 2016, students with the same SJP chapter shouted down and protested a film-screening hosted by a Jewish student group on campus. That resulted in a “written warning, effective immediately” sanctioned against SJP, which expired in March.

It doesn’t stop there though, by far. There are volumes of incidents surrounding SJP and its anti-Semitic harassment on campuses. The depravity of SJP, however, is boundless.

OdehaaTake, for example, the Northwestern University SJP chapter’s May 15 event honoring Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh who bombed a supermarket, blowing up two students. Odeh recently pleaded guilty to immigration fraud, for failing to disclose on her immigration applications her 1970 conviction and imprisonment in Israel for a 1969 supermarket bombing that killed two Hebrew University students, Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner. Yes, SJP honored a terrorist who bombed a supermarket, killing two students. Judging by the marketing piece, SJP support and stand by what she did.

When a student group such as SJP supports harassment of Jews on campus and honors a known terrorist and then supports the eviction of a harmless group of three marchers at a gay pride event, it stands to reason the Dyke March organizers who evicted the group may not be in good company.

The Kent State SJP did not respond to Campus Reform’s or Bogus Times’ requests for comment.




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