Hell is Freezing Over: Destroying America for Socialism

The “Socialism 2017” conference is rolling into Chicago this month and more than 1,500 professors, authors, students and activists are expected to attend and strategize systems to “fight the right” and resist the “political system that spawned Trump,” and build the left from a “Marxist perspective.”

Some of today’s most controversial anti-white, anti-Trump professors are headlining the event, which boasts more than 100 workshops committed to tearing down our country, “building a socialist society,” and covering the debates on the left along with the hidden history of working-class and socialist struggles.

In layman’s terms, the conference is predicated upon stripping down America, its values and its history and recreating and rebuilding it as a socialist country.

The socialist event will address topics such as Marxism and Stalinism, misogyny, Islamophobia, immigration, racism, the “alt-right enemy,” anti-capitalism, anti-Semitism and other issues from the viewpoint of the progressive Socialist. It will also provide a pulpit for Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

“Fighting Racism in Trump’s America” will be led by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, the Black Lives Matter enthusiast and professor who spoke at the commencement for Hampshire College and called President Trump a “racist, sexist megalomaniac” and received death threats and hate emails after it aired on Fox News. Taylor will deliver a speech about building “a massive movement against racism, sexism, and bigotry” in America. It will be the same speech she previously cancelled due to backlash for her hate-speech directed at the president.

Syracuse University professor Dana Cloud will dissect the role of the media in the Socialist Worker-Sponsored Meeting: “Lies, Damn Lies, and Fake News.”  She will discuss how “not all governments lie as proudly as those led by Donald Trump,” and Trump’s “obvious disdain for the truth” as well as the role of the “right-wing outlets” like “Breitbart” and “Fox News” and how they “do whatever they can to fuel the right’s agenda.” She will also touch on the importance of the socialist movement having its own independent voice. There’s no mention in the brochure on whether CNN or the New York Times will be celebrated for disseminating fabricated news.

Dana Cloud

Cloud brings her own drama to the Chicago conference as she came under fire in June for a tweet she sent out during a local “March Against Sharia” in Syracuse, N.Y. This also gained her a spot on the infamous “Professor Watchlist”.  She marched along with the masked “antifa” rioters and as the tense standoff wound down, Cloud boasted that “we almost have the fascists on the run” while calling for “Syracuse people” to “come down to the federal building to finish them off.”

Cloud has denied that her tweet was intended to incite violence against the conservative demonstrators, but the organizer of the Syracuse march disputed that assertion and said it was evident Cloud was trying to shut down free speech and incite violence.

One of the more inconceivable and mindboggling workshops, “A User’s Guide to Marxism: Anarchism,” instructs that in order to create a Marxist society, opposition to all authority – especially state authority – as well as a revolution is necessary. The speaker, Coco Smyth, is a history student and socialist organizer at Ohio State University. Dana Blanchard, an elementary school teacher from California, will be on hand for the class “Socialism 101” and discuss what kind of political movement will be necessary to break down our capitalistic society and convert to socialism.

le blanc
Paul Le Blanc

“Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA” will bring together some of today’s leading socialist and revolutionary thinkers to debate and discuss how capitalism is the root cause of Americans’ suffering and “racist prison system” and imagine what life would be like in a socialist country and how to make it a reality. One of the workshop’s speakers, Paul Le Blanc, is left-wing radical active in the Occupy movement, and a plethora of socialist organizations. Campus Reform reports that Le Blanc believes the U.S. could achieve socialism through a mass social movement that would be politically independent of any pro-capitalist politicians and suggested that socialism could arise through a “Third American Revolution,” which would be “worth the effort.”

Kathleen Feyh, an assistant professor at Syracuse University whose studies are entrenched in Marxism and Russia, will lead “Mapping the Enemy: What is the “Alt-Right?” This lecture will focus on the “alt-right” – “from conspiracy-minded media pundits to sexist Internet trolls and white supremacists” – and its toxicity, roots and tips on how to “demolish their noxious ideas.”

The workshop “Fighting the Neo-Liberal Attack on Higher Education” promises to be instruction in anti-American thoughts and ideals and the rejection of the capitalistic society America was built on. Speaker Alain Savard, who was active in the Quebec student movement and an officer for the “radical provincial student federation,” will lead the discussion on how to “organize to resist and transform” today’s neoliberal university into a socialist university.

Conference organizers are enticing students to attend with 50 percent off their registration. They are also marketing the conference to students as a great way to meet like-minded socialist students who think the world is in crisis and socialism is the cure.

“You are the only one,” its web site reads. “If you plaster your campus with posters and brochures for Socialism 2017 and help sign students up for our announcements mailing list, you will find other students who think that a socialist movement that stands against war, tyranny, oppression, and exploitation is the main thing this country needs. Don’t hesitate!—email us today to get the materials you need to organize and get answers about how to build at your school: info@socialismconference.org.”

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