Black Woman goes Ballistic over “Dukes of Hazzard” Car

A black woman attending the 32nd Annual Highland Creek Heritage Festival outside of Toronto last weekend became enraged upon seeing The Dukes of Hazzard “General Lee” Dodge Charger replica featured in a prominent location.

Ybia Anderson

Ybia Anderson, who is a board member of the Toronto District School Board, took her 3-year-old child to the festival and went into an animalistic frenzy when she caught sight of the Confederate battle flags emblazoned on the car’s top and front license plate.

She told a local news outlet afterward that upon arriving at the festival and spotting the muscle car, she “encountered a negative vibe about it” and it wasn’t until she got closer that she saw the Confederate flags.

With her 3-year-old in tow, she records the scene she’s making over the “racist car” at the festival while sharing it on Facebook.  Within fifteen seconds of taping she’s screaming at the top of her lungs, making a spectacle of herself and her child, and carrying on like the world revolves around her.

“Let me tell you what I want. I want the car gone! I want it out of sight,” she’s screaming at the guy looking after the car, “because it doesn’t belong here! It represents lynching and death of black people. Ya know, they hung our people from f*cking trees until our eyes bugged out.”

When the man points out that General Lee opened up a school for blacks, she laughed, mocked him, called him numb-nuts and said everyone who went to high school knows that.

“This does not belong here in the festival for people of all colors!” she screams at the guy. “We will find out who this car belongs to. I’m already telling all the businesses that this car is parked in front of their company.”

He tells her he understands her passion, “but stop with the profanity.”

She apologizes and says, “It’s that people who looked like me and my son died… were murdered over that flag. It has no place here and it’s the very first car people see when they walk in. It has no place here and it should be moved! This video is already on Facebook. And trust me, if it is not moved there will be a letter to the board of the festival!”

When the guy tries to explain that she’s the only one offended by the car, she becomes enraged, telling the guy, “As a white man you have absolutely no right to tell me whether or not I should be offended!”

He asks her, “Because of my race?”

“Absolutely because of your race! This is about race!” she tells him. “You think you can erase the race from the story of the Confederate flag” and that “shows your privilege! Only to white people does the Confederate flag mean nothing!”

He tells her she’s being discriminatory, but she rejects the notion and tells him, “I hurt your feelings and that’s about it.”

She then threatens the man, telling him there will be a “disturbance here until it’s moved” and reminded him there will be a “letter-writing campaign” to the festival’s board “if it’s not removed within the hour.”

He replied that her opinion was noted.

“It’s my opinion yes, but soon it will be thousands of opinions if you don’t act right!” she threatens the guy.

When someone off camera tells her to take it easy, she yells at him. “I don’t need to take it easy! They need to move the car! Remove the car or there will be hell to pay!”

She turns the camera on the guy who told her to take it easy, who happens to be African. “And you sir, as a person of color should not be telling me to calm down.”

He tells her that in the future they probably won’t have the car back again.

Hearing the black guy who’s been standing beside her casually drinking a can of soda is in on the racist car conspiracy, she flips out on him.

“Oh, so you’re a part of this too!? You’re a dark-skinned color of person and you’re okay with this!? Now I have you on video too!”

“Good day sir. I want this gone in an hour or there will be hell to pay. There will be thousands of people on your board’s ass.”

Opine: Anderson’s 3-year-old endured her five minute rant and he either learned that white people were nice to his mother and talked politely to her as she was screaming at them OR what he learned is white people are bad, they’re racist, they hang black people until their eyes bug out, and they deserve to be screamed at in public places. THIS is why black people are racists. They learn it at home and take it with them every day. White people, on the other hand, don’t learn about racism at home. We go out into the world and have different friends of different colors with different accents and different last names and it’s just the world we live in. It’s not until we grow up that we learn about racism. It seems black people choose not to know that it was black slave owners in Africa selling their slaves to Americans instead of killing them (in some cases), that blacks came to America in the first place. Most black slaves had it easier in America than they’d had it in Africa. Unlike America today, slavery is still prevalent in Africa. But, still black people are evidently taught hate and racism toward the white race at a young age, and blame whites and hate whites for their ancestors being slaves in Africa and being sold to Americans.  And a racist like Ybia Anderson is repeating the cycle of racism and hatred with her own child. Pathetic.

Note: The video was shot on the side, so it’s not great to watch.


9 thoughts on “Black Woman goes Ballistic over “Dukes of Hazzard” Car

  1. This dizzy bat-chit crazy mad cow doesn’t want to make a spectacle and accuses the car’s owner of being loud and “everyone can hear him”.

    She’s the absolute disgrace at the car show. The large, foul mouth of Ybia Anderson is all that can be heard. She needs to stay in her room and pick flowers from the wallpaper so the rest of the world won’t offend her. Idiot Supreme.

    This mental is offended so the car has to be removed from the show? Spineless!


  2. This was the dumbest lady I’ve ever seen. She works for the school board and in front of her young kid and kids around her she used the F word many many times ! Good job you dumbass lady ! It’s a car and my God the Dixie flag is part of our heritage of all USA citizens….now ya let me say is it okay for American Africans as you will be called not African Americans because an African American was born in Africa and got United States citizenship by coming to the USA . So it’s okay for the black community to hang their African flags all across the United States of America I know the Polish people do the French people do the Mexican people do but yet the white folks are such bad people for Flying V Dixie flag come on people it’s 2017 take your head out of your rear end and please stop cussing in front of young kids what a great example they said cussing and swearing in front of a kid over a damn car The Dukes of Hazzard was one of the best shows ever made so with me being white should I start causing a stink about The Jeffersons Sanford and Son good times and all the shows about black people what can drip on white people and other nationalities as far as I’m concerned American Africans stay put we love having you here if you want to act like an African-American then go take your dumb ass back to Africa and by the way it’s okay to have the Black Panthers black lives matters when always matters I’ll go on and on but I’ve had enough ! Oh yeah in the white people that are ignorant racist and the Mexicans that are racist and the Germans that are racist get the hell out of America we don’t want you here !


  3. What an idiot. The car is a copy of a Dodge Charger that was very popular in the 1970s and 80s CBS hit show ‘Dukes of Hazzard’. The show was popular for many reasons, including the opening shot credits where Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) was standing on the road wearing a bikini. People tuned in for many reasons in the pre-VHS days for such things. The car itself was popular for many innovations, like the doors being welded shut so you had to climb in and out through the open windows. It had a horn that played the first 12 notes of the dreaded politically incorrect ‘Dixie’. The car would defy the laws of physics, pieces would fall off but it would outrun the sheriff in spite of leaving bits behind. Men like cars. If the Adam West Batmobile had been present, it would have been as popular. Men liked the General Lee and would gather to see it. If Catherine Bach had been there in her Daisy Dukes, that would have pulled a crowd after all these years. Politics had nothing to do with the orange General Lee car nor the bikini-clad Daisy Duke. These people are so stupid they don’t know how to fold a paper bag from the grocery store.


  4. Dumd ass birch let’s stop the planet so she can get off it I wasn’t racist but abyia has made me move towards that thinking just because she’s black uses black privilege
    Hello dumbass ybia 99% of us are struggling citizens
    The horse your riding on should kick you in the head


  5. Very reason African Americans don’t Ike biggers😰🤗 we are so sorry for your lack of tolerance,education and racism Mabey 6 months of getting fed told when to goto bed can cure you
    Best thing is this staycationnis on the 99% dime
    Grow up crybaby


  6. Complain about a flag with total disregard of offending intimidation of others if I was an officer I would charge you with the below
    * inciting a hate crime
    *endangering public safety
    *enciting and particing in a riot
    *uttering threats
    *public disturbance
    *vocal racism
    *verbal assault
    *interference with a public event
    * contriving to the delinquency of a minor
    * hate speech
    * mischief
    *disturbing the peace
    To name a few madam
    I will challenge you and show you were and are out of line don’t try pulling the black card as the afore mentioned would have defeinitavley been put on a white person
    No hard feeling but is the truth
    And the truth at times can hurt


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