Muslim Teacher Trolls District President then Petitions to get her Fired

A twitter exchange between an Arizona high school teacher and the president of the school district ended with the president calling him and “anti-American Trump hating troll” and the teacher filing a petition to get her fired.

The altercation started when Barry Goldwater High School teacher Aude Odeh, a Palestinian Muslim, responded to a tweet by Deer Valley Unified School board president Kim Fisher in which she regarded an article about President Trump as deceptive on her personal twitter page.



After a few tweets back and forth debating Trump’s understanding of the Christian religion and Evangelicals, Fisher said, “A liberal reporter taking parts of a conversation spins a load of crap, puts it out as fact and liberals believe it.”

Odeh then got up close, personal and righteous. “Yes, calling things liberal and capitalizing words is really gonna help champion your cause right now.”

Fisher’s reply was short and brought the conversation to an end. “I don’t have a cause. Trump is already our president [smiley face blowing a heart].”

A full day and a half later Fisher responds to a tweet by a @Mr_Gearing about a Trump tweet concerning the need for a travel ban. Considering all the hashtags tweeted by Gearing – @Trumpsterfire #DownWithTheCrazyShip – he’s evidently not a Trump fan.

Fisher said, “It’s his job to protect Americans. You want potential danger? Even when our country was forming there was screening of those coming into our country.”

Enter from stage left Fisher’s righteous Muslim troll who happens to be a friend of @Mr_Gearing… “There has always been tough screenings. Even now. All he is doing is banning Muslim majority countries. Period.”


The exchange culminated in Fisher tweeting Odeh, “You are an anti-American Trump hating troll no matter what you say is b*******.”

The interesting part of this story is Odeh knew Fisher was the president of the school district. His friend, Nick Gearing (@Mr_Gearing) posted a negative Trump tweet to the conversation 36 hours later. It’s apparent Fisher is unaware Odeh is a teacher at a high school in her district, and it’s also apparent he’s trolling her.

In his petition, Odeh took Fisher’s “anti-American” line to the bank and played the victim card to a T. He states that the conversation between he and Fisher degraded quickly and she called “all of my statements of fact bullshit.” He states she spent the rest of the day debating others who disagreed with her, but provides no evidence of that.

Aude Odeh Facebook Picture

“As a Palestinian American Muslim, I have been called worse names in my life, but never anything like this from one of my superiors,” Odeh’s statement reads. “I tried to let it roll off my back, but have since concluded that I will neither suffer this abuse nor fear any future retaliation at the hands of the DVUSD school board president!”

“As President of the Board, she MUST realize that her conduct in any public space (as her twitter account was public at the time) MUST be held to the highest of standards, just like every educator understands they must do the same. This District cannot have a BOARD PRESIDENT that resorts to name calling to express different opinions,” Odeh’s petition reads.

Odeh took screen captures of the entire conversation to use for the sole purpose of playing the victim and petitioning to get her fired. He titled it: “How I was called Anti-American by my School Board President.”

Fisher defended herself to the school board, stating, “The correspondence that occurred from an individual who had been trolling me on Twitter … at the time, though he’s claiming differently now, was from an individual on his private page as a private citizen, and I respect his …. First Amendment right. And I also reserve mine.”

Odeh demanded she step down as president and threatened to start a petition if she refused. He has since started the petition and as of this writing has 745 signatures.

Fisher has refused to step down and has since privatized her twitter account and only followers can read her tweets.


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