Courtney Love Slams Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour: “You’re a vile disgrace”

Courtney Love Cobain went on a Twitter tirade this week on Linda Sarsour, calling the Muslim activist a fraud and fear-mongering liar after Sarsour raised more than $100,000 for Rahma Warsame, a Somali Muslim woman in Ohio who claims she was assaulted by a white supremacist male.

Love called out Sarsour in a litany of tweets Wednesday, accusing the political activist of anti-Semitic fearmongering and calling her a “vile disgrace to women and all mankind.”

According to Love, Sarsour is a fraud who is inciting anti-American rhetoric. She tweeted to Sarsour, “I have zero faith in you and your plight.” She has asked her Twitter followers to research Sarsour to see what a fraud she is and “research more about her ripping people off.”

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This accusation apparently refers to Sarsour raising such an exorbitant amount of money for a single woman of one child who will only be off work for two weeks.

According to police, Warsame’s story of assault by a white supremacist male launching racial slurs does not jibe with the 911 calls or the evidence at the scene. The police cannot corroborate any part of her story.

Saturday night 9:00 p.m. on June 3:

A call came into 911 from Samantha Morales, a Mexican-American, who reported a woman downstairs was screaming at and beating her child with a shoe in an outdoor common area of the apartment building. Morales yelled down at her to stop. She did not know the woman or child.

Morales would later tell police she went downstairs thinking that if the woman saw an adult, she’d stop hitting the child. Instead of stopping, things grew more intense and a group began beating on Morales and used a Taser on her.

In steps Morales’ boyfriend, Ricky Boyce, who hears what’s taking place and goes downstairs to help Morales. According to Boyce, he swung and hit someone to stop the assault. A group of four or five men and women were beating on Morales. One of Morales’ attackers was Warsame.

According to The Daily Caller, when officers arrived they found Morales face down in the doorway. Boyce told officers she had been assaulted with something he thought was a Taser and was later confirmed. Another woman was sitting on the steps of a nearby house, bleeding from the mouth. She told police she had been assaulted by Boyce. Everyone at the scene has a different story of what took place and Morales and Warsame are both taken by ambulance to the hospital.

A copy of emergency room discharge papers that Morales provided to The Daily Caller show that she underwent a CT scan and X-rays on her hand and ankle at a Columbus hospital. She claims she sustained a concussion during the attack. Warsame wound up with a swollen face and a couple of teeth missing.

Warsame’s story varies to the extreme.  She said she happened upon Boyce hitting a Somali friend of hers and tried to intervene and stop him. He then attacked her and repeatedly screamed, “You all will be shipped back to Africa!”

Her myopic account of events, which is being repeated, promoted and pushed into the headlines by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), leaves out the fact that Boyce’s girlfriend, Morales, was also beaten up and carted off by ambulance that night.

CAIR is calling for the incident to be investigated as a hate crime and claims Boyce is the white supremacist responsible.

Jennifer Nimer, the executive director of CAIR-Columbus and an attorney for Warame, said in a statement, “The fact that the perpetrator was not taken into custody and was not charged raises serious concerns and sends a very dangerous message.”

The police said that while “the incident has generated rumors and speculation throughout social media… there is no evidence at this time suggesting the incident involved any type of bias, which would constitute the incident being investigated as a hate crime.”

The police report also notes that Morales called 911 again on Sunday morning after men and women involved in the events the night before threatened her outside of her apartment.

Back on Twitter, Love wants to know, “Where is the money now? Sorry but [Sarsour’s] a criminal.”

Sarsour shot back at Love with the old fallback of racism, accusing Love of “veiled anti-Muslim rhetoric.” She added, “Thank God I never knew who @Courtney was before today and that was a great thing.”

“Welcome to America where a white woman ‘celebrity’ uses her platform to deny that a Black immigrant Muslim woman was brutally assaulted,” Sarsour tweeted.

Writer’s Note: CAIR is extremely dangerous to America. It is an organization that pushes the Muslim agenda on the bureaucrats who agree to bend over backward to their will. CAIR consistently brings lawsuits to fulfill the Muslim agenda and gain both power and standing within all American institutions, especially our educational system.

From the CAIR web site:

“This year, we witnessed a troubling new phenomenon when a small group of extremist Islamophobes tried to get anti-Islam laws passed in more than 20 states.

The process began with State Question 755 (SQ755), a state ballot measure in Oklahoma in the November 2010 election that would have amended that state’s constitution to forbid judges from considering Islamic principles (Sharia) or international law when making a ruling.”

In effect, what CAIR has managed to do is make it unlawful for American courts to not take Sharia law into account in the courtroom. This literally means states that pass a ballot measure like this MUST take Sharia Law into account in the courtroom when dealing with matters relating to Muslims. In the simplest of terms, American courts can be forced to use Sharia law as opposed to American law. As most know, these two ideologies are wholly incompatible.

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