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U.C. Berkeley Slammed with Lawsuit for Obstructing First Amendment

“It’s time that the vicious and destructive actions of the left and its enablers such as U.C. Berkeley are held to account.”

A U.C. Berkeley Student who was pepper-sprayed when protesters violently rioted and shut down the Milo Yiannopoulos speech in February is suing the university, its campus police and several other entities for obstructing her First Amendment rights, among other claims.

Kiara Robles was pepper-sprayed in the face by a protester who snuck up behind her while she was finishing an interview with a local news outlet about the protest and her support for Milo.

She is now leveling a litany of charges against U.C. Berkeley, the school’s police department, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, President Janet Napolitano and Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin. According to the press release, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and business magnate George Soros are also targets in the lawsuit.

“She was assaulted,” Larry Klayman, an attorney with Freedom Watch who is representing Robles, told SFGATE. “The California University system and, in part, Berkeley, is out of control, and they’re facilitating, if not inciting, violence, and the campus police sit around twiddling their thumbs.”

According to the press release, the complaint alleges a number of causes of action, namely, civil rights violations, First and Fourth Amendment violations, equal protection violation, negligence, gross negligence, premises liability, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery, and violations of the Bane Act.

Klayman, along with a local attorney on the case, Michael Kolodzi, stated that the behavior exhibited at February’s riot at U.C. Berkeley “cannot be permitted in civilized society, and that is why [Robles] courageously brought suit.”

“It’s time that the vicious and destructive actions of the left and its enablers such as U.C. Berkeley are held to account,” he said.

The university, however, reported to WISHTV 8 that the lawsuit is nothing short of a collection of “false claims,” and it will conduct a “vigorous and successful defense of its actions.”

Robles denounced U.C. Berkeley in the press release as an indoctrination camp and said it has shown it cannot be politically neutral.

“If public universities cannot remain politically neutral while receiving public funding, we have to separate universities and the state,” she remarked. “College campuses are an indoctrination camp for political correctness. We must communicate with civility without defaulting to racism, sexism or bigotry, or whoever pays the most for political violence wins.”

The lawsuit seeks $23 million in damages.

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