Evergreen College Erupts as Black Prof Publicly Curses out White Profs

The patients have taken over the asylum.

The obliteration of Evergreen College started with the students protesting Bret Weinstein, the progressive biology professor whose refusal to leave campus to have his white privilege checked at the door for the school’s annual day of segregation earned him the label of “racist” along with police notification that he was not safe on campus. Since then, more videos have surfaced providing an up-close and personal look at the absence of basic human civility at Evergreen College and the unabashed erosion plaguing the school.

That brings us to Naima Lowe. She teaches video and performance art at the college and describes herself as a “Black artist and educator.”

Judging from her profanity-laced performance launched at white teachers she’s humiliating in front of the library while surrounded by students, the term “educator” is not fitting.

“I am sick! Put in a lot of goddamn effort,” she yells at the white teachers. “Listen to these people (students) talk shit to you for seven fucking years! You are now those motherfuckers we’re pushing against! You can’t see your way out of your own ass!”

When the male teacher asks her if she has time for an apology, the students shout him down.

She then gives the teachers an ultimatum: “You can go inside and listen to the students and what they’re saying or take your ass home!” The students finally break off into a chorus of “Go inside or go home!”

Other white female teachers are then bullied by a student protestor who walks over to the group and says, “They were not the only target!” Once inside, a female student tells the group of professors, ”Um. Ya’all can leave, and no harm will be done to you. I can guarantee that. But, by leaving it’s sorta showing this school that you don’t care about the black and brown lives here.”

This next video is even more disturbing and shows the “Top 20 Monstrous Moments.” The students have literally taken over the school while professors are locked down in classrooms. The patients have literally taken over the asylum. Evergreen College is not a typical college in respect to summer break. Their third trimester began in April so school is still in session.

A Dangerous Cult Mindset Brewing at Evergreen College

6 thoughts on “Evergreen College Erupts as Black Prof Publicly Curses out White Profs

  1. Well,if this low bred negress has such a problem with “white supremacy”,it would probably behoove her to quit speaking my King’s English and learn how to speak the Ooga Booga of her primitive African ancestors….something tells me she lacks the requisite intellect for that though


  2. Liberalism is a mental disorder. She needs soap to wash her mouth and a tailor. She looks a hot mess.


  3. Each professor railed at and defamed and abused by these know-nothing idiot students should be within their rights to REFUSE TO INTERACT with these racists, at least until these children have thoroughly apologized for their racism. I would quit that fucking school if the admins tried to make me eat these pissant student’s bullshit.


  4. Is Evergreen College receiving any government (taxpayer) support??????? If so, it’s time to end it, or remove ALL administrators who let the kiddies/idiots destroy the school. Turn it into a functioning college.


    1. The republican legislators want to defund and privatize it because they say taxpayers shouldn’t fund this nonsense. They are looking at civil rights issues as well. The Dems of course will fight this.


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