Is CNN in the Business of “Staging” News?

Footage captured by a London resident who goes by the Twitter handle @MarkAntro shows a CNN crew staging a photo-op with signage reading “Peace Group” and “Turn to Love for London,” portraying Muslims protesting the Islamic terrorist attacks in London, England this weekend.

This latest attack in England claimed the lives of seven victims with another four dozen wounded in area hospitals.

CNN British journalist Becky Anderson set up the scene and is heard “reporting” on the staged event. According to @MarkAntro, several of the journalists on set called him a “weekend warrior” as he captured their ruse.

As the video opens, white police officers are observed walking off camera to the left of the screen while the CNN news crew replaces them with darker-skinned police officers. Muslim men and women are holding signs and instructed on where and how to stand.

There is something profoundly wrong with a media outlet when a news anchor stages a “protest,” swaps out white officers for colored officers, and uses the tag line of the most trusted name in news. It also comes off as extremely convenient that the only protesters CNN came across are Muslim with printed signs. These are not last minute marker and poster board signs.

Why is CNN promoting Muslims in a favorable light as opposed to giving us straight, no-gimmick news?

markantro tweets

The most fundamental facet of the journalist’s job and responsibility is integrity in reporting and CNN’s slogan, “The Most Trusted Name in News,” easily captures that sentiment.

Unfortunately, its manufactured “protest” in England prominently displaying women in hijabs and dark-skinned officers does not meet the standards of journalistic integrity as it is not an organic protest being captured.

This would not be a first for CNN. In this video taken when Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump, CNN was interviewing an enraged protester that made the rounds at the time. When the news anchor cuts to Don Lemon in the news room, Lemon outs him as the CNN cameraman who went to Africa with him. Note the interviewer’s face drop when Lemon discloses this fact on live TV.

2 thoughts on “Is CNN in the Business of “Staging” News?

  1. Let me get this straight: The world is so upside down that we have to go to a Fake News site to get Real News because the “Real News” sites are all fake!


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