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Joe Biggs Source: Sean Hannity to be Fired from Fox News

*New videos. 

*This story is being updated as new information emerges, however, Joe Biggs is being called out on this by a number of reporters and others.

According to former Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, a source at Fox News told him Sean Hannity believes he will be fired by the Fox News station next week for covering Seth Rich’s murder last week on his show Hannity. That Fox News source is said to be Malia Zimmerman. Joe Biggs also stated he learned from an FBI source there exists a heavily redacted FBI memo which shows Seth Rich had DNC material on his laptop and he was in communications with WikiLeaks before his murder.

According to Biggs, the D.C. Police informed the FBI they had possession of Rich’s laptop and the FBI sent a tech advisor out to unlock the laptop and do a data dump. Biggs is expecting to receive a copy of that FBI memo from his source Sunday and will make that public.

That source also states that Seth Rich was conscious and talking to police after he was shot. In two internal D.C. reports, Rich is said to have told the officers he was attacked for talking. This same source is also stating an FBI agent lost his glock 22 40 caliber hours before Seth Rich’s murder and it was the same type of gun used in the shooting. Conspiracy theory or not, the agent involved was suspended pending an investigation. 

Over the past few weeks, the MSM blackout and pushback over reports tying together Seth Rich’s murder, WikiLeaks and DNC involvement has only fueled  theory and brought it to the forefront. In response, the left has gone ballistic and is targeting any news outlet or reporter daring to draw inferences or speculate that Seth Rich’s murder was related to handing over thousands of DNC email files to WikiLeaks.

If this is true, this will bust the Seth Rich murder case wide open and it will only be a matter of time until heads roll at the DNC.


1 Comment on Joe Biggs Source: Sean Hannity to be Fired from Fox News

  1. Gary MIller // May 28, 2017 at 3:16 pm // Reply

    Well if Joe Biggs says so …


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