University of Chicago People of Color submit List of Demands

A collaboration of minority student groups at the University of Chicago, calling their alliance “UChicago United,” presented a list of nearly 50 demands to the university Friday which included the formation of distinct, racially-themed academic departments.

The academic departments are to be university-funded and -run “cultural houses,” specifically a Black House, Latinx House and Asian House, which will stand independent of Multicultural Student Affairs and serve each specific racial community.

A “Race and Ethnic Studies Department as well as an increased budget for programming carried out through the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture” is also required by the group in addition to “more faculty of color.”

The alliance included a string of demands which will be overseen by a “permanent Advisory Committee,” made up of two faculty members (including one POC) and four students (including 2 POC), holding the university accountable to “diversifying its faculty and class offerings.”

  • Core Curriculum to be diversified by 2022 to include a “Diversity and Inclusion graduation requirement” for all students, focused on “US-centric structural oppression, such as race, gender and sexuality.”
  • Expand the Social Science and Humanities Core Curriculums to include more insight from Black authors, specifically Black women.
  • Offer a Humanities and/or Social Science Core sequence on the works of the Islamic Golden Age and the important connection it makes to Western thought.
  • Create a Caribbean civilization sequence.
  • Create a Southeast Asian Civilizations sequence, or at least two (2) classes per year on Southeast Asia.

They go on to demand “more direct involvement of our organizations with the planning and implementation of programming for prospective and incoming students. Specifically, we demand an involved role in the Destination UChicago Fly-in Program and the creation of a Pre-Orientation program specifically for incoming students of color.”

The Bias Response Team must also undergo change to meet their demands, including expanded funding and transparency regarding disciplinary processes against the faculty and staff who are reported to the Bias Response Team.

Additionally, each race of students within this alliance has a list of their own demands to fulfill their own racial agendas. Between Latin Americans, blacks, African Caribbean, PanAsia, Arabs, and Chicanx each individual group demands to be catered to at the university’s expense.

The blacks, for instance, demand additional black faculty and staff campus-wide, counseling services, more black studies and core curriculum to include additional black female authors. They are also demanding black-only housing, weekend health services on a drop-in basis, and black people within the community to advise and provide insight for the president’s office, provost’s office and Office of Civic Engagement.

The Latin Americans want restrictions put on groups accused of discriminatory behavior and the introduction of infrastructure which would more easily allow students to file complaints against groups and student organizations deemed guilty of being racists.

And due to their high expectations of racism on campus, they’re also requiring counseling to specifically deal with racist issues.

They round off their multi-million dollar list of racist demands with increasing “the recruitment and admission of non-international and undocumented Latinx students. This would also entail full financial, legal, and mental health resources for undocumented students.”

The university has not yet responded to the long list of complaints and demands.

Author’s note:  White people were apparently not invited to participate in the alliance or make demands with the alliance for a cut of the millions of dollars these groups want allotted to their racist causes from the university money tree they think is hidden in the quad on the white side of campus. Interestingly enough, if a group of whites had a “white club” and made demands that would serve to insulate white students from those they deem inferior and differentiate them from black and brown students, these whites would be called racists and not a single demand would be met.

2 thoughts on “University of Chicago People of Color submit List of Demands

  1. Why don’t they attend an all black university where they are more comfortable instead of trying to segregate college campuses. This is getting way out of hand.


  2. Whites need to start taking responsibility for things they orchestrate. Everyone knows this has been orchestrated by white people. What do you think will happen? The university will open new departments and you will be fooled into thinking that they gave in to demands. All over the country, you see whites orchestrating these protests for “Ethnic Studies” departments and demands for funding. The non-profits behind many of these groups are funded by the white guy George Soros.

    BTW, NAACP was set up by white people. So was La Raza. So was Communism. Socialism too is a product of white people. Globalism came from white people. One of the biggest globalists was Ronald Reagan. Another one is Bill Clinton. A third is George HW Bush.


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