America Invaded: The Insanity of the Liberal Left

“Any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart, and any man over 30 who is not a conservative has no brains.” — attributed to Winston Churchill

There comes a point after reading dozens if not hundreds of stories of complete and utter leftist insanity when you can’t help but wonder if there’s a pod plantation and we’re living through a real life Invasion of the Body Snatchers. That was a movie that came out in 1978 (the remake from the 1950s film) about extra-terrestrials that took over people’s bodies as they slept and replaced them with pods that would open and give life to a whole new human lookalike, but with a detachment from reality and an agenda to replace every human with a clone and take over the world. The one very noticeable difference between the clones from the body snatcher movie and the liberals of today is that the clones were emotionally detached so they did not have psychological breakdowns and morph into raving, radical lunatics.

What’s disconcerting is this radical liberal mentality has infiltrated key aspects of our daily lives and institutions, and is showing no signs of abatement. If anything, it’s gaining momentum at a ferocious speed. There’s no question the liberal agenda is to change the face of our country, both figuratively and literally. In many ways they’re picking off the weakest members of the human race: the children. Who better than the vulnerable to indoctrinate into the highly emotional world of the Liberal camp? The logic behind that is if all of today’s children grow up with this mindset, the older generations will be replaced with these liberal brainwashed robots they’re currently primping. The problem is as people age they are more likely to be critical thinkers and less likely to be swayed by emotions.

Many may see the movie Zootopia as an innocent children’s movie, when in reality it’s a movie about globalism. Hollywood has decided that our children should hold their globalist and liberal views and so this is what they are pumping into the minds of our children from a young age. Disney/Pixar’s film “Finding Dory” featured a transgender stingray who transitions to become “Sting-Rhonda.” Was this necessary, really?  They did a remake of Beauty and the Beast with LeFou one day wanting to be Gaston and the next wanting to kiss him, according to director Bill Condon, who also told Vulture he’s sick of hearing about the fleeting gay moment because “it’s such a teeny thing, and it’s been overblown.” Condon then went on to emphasize the film’s unspoken diversity, saying, “That was so important. We have interracial couples — this is a celebration of everybody’s individuality, and that’s what’s exciting about it.”

This is a deliberate act of introducing material to children that may be objectionable to many parents, and Disney has the perfect platform to get away with it. Perhaps Hollywood at large believes they have a strong enough support group to shove it down the throats of those who don’t share their values. As a parent your only recourse is to recognize Disney movies may be unfit for your children. It’s a very different world out there when Disney is targeting 5-year-olds with highly controversial material.

Bottom line, Disney has made a full transition and long gone is the innocence and wonder of Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan. They are treating today’s youth like a lab experiment and are nothing but an arm of the liberal agenda to make every child question and perhaps experiment with their gender identity and sexual persuasion. The thought of raising a child in these times when the powers that be are working overtime to promote and push their ideologies and brainwash innocent children is overwhelming. How does one protect their child from what they may consider to be offensive and inappropriate when it’s seeping into the very fabric of Americans’ daily lives?  Where is the protection of innocence when ideologies are being pushed on unsuspecting children?

One would think school would be a safe place for kids to get an education and not an indoctrination into the liberal agenda sweep, but even that has become a battlefield and educators have a no-holds barred approach to promoting their ideologies to children.

Recently, three students from Riverview High School in Tampa, Florida found their Christian religion under fire by their lesbian math teacher, Lora Jane Rieda, when she demanded they remove their necklaces with crosses, claiming they were banned from her classroom because they were “gang symbols” and “disrespectful.”  Liberty Counsel, a non-profit litigation group that promotes religious freedom, was called on to represent the three students. They uncovered through talking to their clients, another child in their classroom had been told to get out of her class for wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

This teacher also promoted the LGBT agenda in her classroom and went so far as to decorate the entire class as well as the students’ folders with LGBT political themes and rainbow stickers. According to the Daily Caller, an investigation of Riedas is underway. One must ask, what would ever give a teacher the audacity to push this kind of agenda on students? How does a teacher like this even get a job in a classroom? Someone dropped the ball during the hiring process.

There was a story out of Ontario, Canada this month where the LGBT community is up in arms over six elementary schools cancelling performances of  the play, “Boys, Girls, And Other Mythological Creatures,” put on by Carousel Players in their schools. The play explores the story of an 8-year-old boy who cross-dresses and dreams of becoming a princess but feels stifled by his gender. According to Reuters, several parents complained about the content being inappropriate for their children. Perhaps the title should have served as the first clue something was amiss… “other mythological creatures?” This implies on its face the concepts of boys and girls are myths.

Kristin Gunckel, a science education professor at the University of Arizona, believes elementary kids need a radical change to their curriculum because schools are “highly homophobic and heterosexists institutions.”  Her answer to these “heteronormative” and “limited” ideas in science classrooms is queer theory and sexuality-infused curricula, which she discussed in March at the university’s Institute for LGBT Studies.

“Queer theory exposes the many ways that the science curriculum is heteronormative, promotes binaries, and bolsters the construction of limited identities,” she wrote. “In elementary school, it means not hiding sexuality from children. At all levels, it means providing space within the curriculum for students to see themselves and their families. Queering science education means making the invisible visible.”

Regardless of what the liberals think, parents do not send their kids to school to be indoctrinated into alternative lifestyles and ideologies and have their religious beliefs mocked. Radical left-wing educators take a full-throttled approach to converting their unsuspecting subjects and parents must be on guard. One of the left’s latest obsessions concerns racism – it exists everywhere and if you are white, you are a racist. According to these same left-wing miscreants, racism does not in any shape, way or form exist in black folks. If you are black, you win the “you are not a racist” lottery. If you’re white, just get in the back of the line and we’ll deal with you later.

The anti-white agenda sweeping our schools has been long covered in republican news journals, but little has been reported through the mainstream media. There were a number of cases at private schools in New York City, but one case on the Upper West Side at the elite Bank Street School for Children stood out and garnered much attention. The parents of the students reported their children were being indoctrinated into thinking systemic racism exists and their children were being told they were part of the problem. The children were divided with whites in one class and minorities in another. The minority children were praised and given treats, while the white students were being told they were bad and racists.

The universities are going to town with the anti-white agenda and new courses are cropping up in every college across the country. “The Problem of Whiteness” is a big seller. Another one high on the list is “Stop White People.”

There are other schools diving straight into politics and rewarding students for hating President Trump and all his policies. Such is the case at Shoreline Community College in Washington State where faculty was encouraged to award extra credit to students for attending a “Day of Resistance” on May 1, 2017.

The event, sponsored in part by the Federation of Teachers Union which represents the school’s faculty, was advertised in an email by English Professor DuValle Daniel, who sent a schedule of the day’s events and urged her colleagues to support the effort through giving students extra credit for attending, discussing the event and sharing information with their students, and even avoiding giving homework so the students could participate.

The “Day of Resistance” centers on resisting the Trump administration’s “attacks” on immigrants, workers, organizations and people targeted by intolerance, climate and education. Of course these imaginary “attacks” are nothing but what the liberal elites are fabricating in their well-financed propaganda machine to sell for public consumption.

shoreline racists resize.pngJudging by the art used to promote the event, the Muslim community must have a lot of pull at Shoreline.  Muslims got the top billing, followed by Latinos, then blacks, with a white female straggler at the back of the line. The Muslim leading the group holds a torch reminiscent of the iconic and forever American Statue of Liberty, while the Latino female and black male each have power fists in the air. The portrayal of the white female comes across as a weak stand-in at best. Asians did not make the cut.

This wouldn’t be the first time an American institution promoted the Muslim agenda to a prominent position, nor will it be the last. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has been a commanding force in pushing the Muslim agenda in this country. A large part of their function is pushing lawsuits for Muslim rights through our judiciary system. This has been going on for decades, and now the fruits of their labors are getting noticed.

In April 2017, the state senate in Delaware opened with an Imam performing an Arabic chant, which only Muslims in the room could understand, before reciting a prayer reading from the Quran. Two representatives of the Tarbiyah Mosque in Newark were invited to the session to deliver the prayer.

A couple of Republican senators walked out before the prayer with one casting a sharp admonition on the grounds that the Quran calls for the death of all Americans. To add insult to injury, the Imam is seen picking his nose during the pledge of allegiance.Many right-leaning publications conclude the Muslim holy men are doing nothing but trashing Americans right under their noses in these prayers. One must wonder, how any American can be okay with this. Surely the founders of our country must be rolling over in their graves.

According to the Gateway Pundit, every mosque during Friday prayer service recites Sura 1 of the Quran. Through a translation by Sandra Solomon, it becomes evident to many the prayer is a slight on Jews and Christians:

0:29 I seek refuge in Allah from Satan.

0:37 Thanks be to Allah the merciful one. Guide us on the right path

0:40 for those whom you blessed (Muslims), not the path of the one

0:43 you are angry at (Jews) and the ones who went astray (Christians).

What kind of country is America shaping up to be when Muslim prayers invade our senate meetings while red, white and blue conservative Americans are shouted down, stripped of their First Amendment rights, and labeled offensive on college campuses?

School officials have a responsibility to cultivate an environment of intellectual diversity, and capitulating to violent and disruptive agitators with radical agendas who shut down conservative speakers is wholly un-American and has no place in our society. U.C. Berkeley has quickly become the leader of the pack for the democrat’s anti-free speech movement sucking the life out of college campuses everywhere. Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter are just the latest victims of the left’s debauchery. In Milo’s case, left wing nut jobs started fires, smashed windows and made a nuisance of themselves causing upwards of $100,000 in damage to the school. Coulter’s speech was eventually cancelled due to a flood of liberal tears and threats of violence.

In 2014 Bill Maher was invited to give the winter Commencement Speech at U.C. Berkeley, but came under attack when students from the university’s Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian Coalition started an online petition, asking the school to disinvite Maher.

Among the verbal offenses committed by Maher which invaded the safe space and triggered the Coalition:

“But I’ve often said that if I had – I have two dogs – if I had two retarded children, I’d be a hero. And yet the dogs, which are pretty much the same thing. What? They’re sweet. They’re loving. They’re kind, but they don’t mentally advance at all. … Dogs are like retarded children.”

“Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who’s trying to kill you – you can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her”

“You have to understand, you have to embrace the values of Western civilization. They’re not just different, they are better.”

Maher also had some choice words for Berkeley in reference to Coulter’s disinvite.

“Berkeley, you know, used to be the cradle of free speech and now it’s just the cradle for fucking babies. They invite someone to speak who’s not exactly what Liberals want to hear and they want to shutter it. I feel like this is the Liberal’s version of book burning. And it’s got to stop.”

There are lingering questions and speculation from many on the right if Berkeley’s mayor is a corrupt sympathizer telling Berkeley P.D. to stand down and allow the thugs to riot. All that’s certain at this point is Mayor Jesse Arreguin (@JesseArreguin) does not protect the city from rioters and he follows Antifa thugs on Facebook. Antifa stands for “anti-fascists,” and its members can be seen rioting at protests wearing black masks, busting windows and starting fires.

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean opposes free speech in the case of Ann Coulter, claiming the First Amendment doesn’t protect the conservative commentator’s “hate speech.” He asserts it amounts to “fighting words,” which were not protected in a 1942 case of a Jehovah’s witness who attracted a hostile crowd by denouncing organized religion as a “racket” on the streets of Rochester, New Hampshire. There has not been a case since to stifle free speech. In a surprising move, both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren came to Coulter’s defense.

The left doesn’t stop at squashing free speech, programming the minds of defenseless kids, and bringing Muslim prayer into American politics. It’s necessary they not only cement their minority base, but promote themselves as the savior of all minorities in the times of Trump – even to criminals.

New York-based Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), a left-wing tax-exempt political advocacy group, produced a 72-page step-by-step manual for illegals to defeat federal immigration laws and regulations. Yes, as insane as it sounds, Democrats in this country defy the laws designed to protect the everyman and side with the common criminal.

The manual as outlined in the Daily Caller goes so far as to excuse and rationalize the protection of criminals and potential killers and terrorists because the U.S. criminal justice systems “are themselves oppressive, overly punitive and fraught with racial bias.” It urges city and county officials across the country to adopt CPD’s “model legislation” or related ordinances designed to undermine federal efforts to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. The function of the “model legislation” is to protect immigrants linked to gang activity or with ties to terrorism. It specifically states: “the (proposed) ordinance should not exclude people with criminal convictions, or people who appear in law enforcement databases that attempt to track gang activity and terrorism.”

CPD is funded by the Bauman Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Democracy Alliance. Interestingly, Democracy Alliance was co-founded by George Soros, the radical billionaire long-rumored to be behind the Antifa radicals who riot throughout the Americas and Europe. One of Democracy Alliance’s functions is to oppose voter I.D. laws. The Alliance also recommends donors financially support Black Lives Matter. Hillary Clinton has ties to the Alliance through her aide Kelly Craighead who’s been with the organization since 2004 according to her LinkedIn profile.

Democrats… we can take from the Hillary Clinton Handbook on “How to Win the Election,” and just put half of them in a basket of degenerates.

Just this week California’s Los Angeles County school board passed a resolution and announced public schools will be sanctuaries for immigrants in danger of being deported by ICE. This comes on the heels of Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez being arrested by ICE upon taking his daughter to school in Highland Park in February. According to the LA Daily News, this was an affirmation of the designation made last year by the school board that Los Angeles public schools will function as “safe places” for illegal immigrants and their families.

The new resolution additionally bars schools from asking students or their families of their immigration status. The school district will also be educating students and their families of their rights when talking to law enforcement. As an added bonus, taxpayers will pay the legal defense for these criminal illegals.

As far as Board President Steve Zimmer is concerned, the laws are unjust and, as such, should not be enforced. And besides, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault for vowing to follow the laws already in place concerning illegal immigrants.

“This act of noncooperation follows in an important history of noncooperation with unjust laws, unjust actions that are contrary to our Constitution and contrary to our value system, but also contrary to our mission as a school district,” Zimmer said.

One of the more bizarre absurdities from the left comes out of the esteemed Yale University.  A group of psychology faculty and mental health professionals have taken it upon themselves to rule President Trump as mentally ill. Their group aptly named, “Duty to Warn,” convened at a conference earlier this month to discuss how his “dangerous mental illness” poses a threat to America. What makes this story bizarre to the point of bordering on hysteria is not a single one of these “professionals” has ever met Donald Trump. Still, this group claims to have an “ethical responsibility” to inform the public of their collective diagnosis.

Caution can be thrown to the wind regarding the Goldwater Rule which forbids professionals from diagnosing public figures whom they haven’t evaluated in person.  When berating, castigating and otherwise demoralizing and determining the depravity and mental illness of the President of the United States, it’s A-OK if his name is Donald Trump. After all, his “mental illness” is the “elephant in the room” and these so-called professionals have a “Duty to Warn” and disregard a sacred oath to their profession. It matters not that “Duty to Warn” only protects a mental health professional when it’s their client.

Professor Bandy Lee, an instructor in Yale’s Department of Psychiatry, believes the public should “widely talk about [Trump’s mental health] now,” according to the Connecticut Post.

The Independent reported that James Gilligan of New York University spoke at the conference and stated his past work “with murderers and rapists” allows him to “recognize dangerous from a mile away.” He also asserted, “You don’t have to study it like I have to know how dangerous this man is.”

There is something very sinister, off-the-charts disturbing, and utterly mad occurring in our country today like at no other point in history. There is a faction of clone-like humans, or “liberals,” who have every intention of destroying the America we know and replacing it with a collaborative interpretation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Frankenstein’s Bride in Nazi Germany. Do the visual.

Those of us who will not sleep, lest we succumb to the Invasion, will bear witness to the atrocities of these times by the radicalized left wing. We will protect the heart and soul of our country through truth, justice and the American way. We will never forget and we will never lie down. Our country is not for sale. 

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