Berkeley student writes hate-filled hit job on America

The U.C. Berkeley newspaper, The Daily Californian, ran an op-ed today by a “brown trans femme” – whatever the hell that is – titled, “Campus must prioritize safety of marginalized over free speech.” It was written by a third-year transfer student studying political science and ethnic studies, named Juniperangelica Xiomara Cordovo-Goff. This person is an incoming ASUC Senator and lead organizer with the Transgender Law Center.

The entire piece is a contemptible, hate-filled hit job on our country and every Caucasian in it.

The author slams free speech, writing it is not dead because it was never alive and asserts free speech is only a tactic used by the state to grant the illusion that all voices are valued.  Cordovo-Goff then goes on to prove that point on the basis that Trump, whom she calls a “white supremacist,” is in the White House. Evidently this un-American is not aware that Trump is the president because we the people voted for him, or that free speech doesn’t mean the racist, hateful, un-American garbage coming out of her mouth is valued.

This student then goes on to say she doesn’t feel safe on campus and some BS about, “Living on the streets for six years did not prepare me for the violence of UC Berkeley. But if the violence is real, then our conversations need to be real too — we cannot let free speech become a tactic that asks oppressed people to tolerate their oppressors in hopes of peaceful compromise.”

This is where my blood boils over. This person went from living on the streets for six years and finds herself at U.C. Berkeley and, instead of being grateful, she’s bashing the very country and race that made it possible. But it doesn’t stop there. She goes on to reveal both of her parents were criminals who wound up in jail and she’s had bad experiences with police.

In her own words (with corrected grammar because she’s not very educated for a Berkeley student. She evidently spends more time complaining about Berkeley than educating herself but, as usual, I digress…) she explains her experience the day Ann Coulter was supposed to give a speech at Sproul Plaza:

“On the morning students woke up to Sproul Plaza flooded with fully-armed police officers last Thursday, I was shocked and traumatized. I wondered how the UC could come to the conclusion that filling Sproul Plaza with men and guns made anyone feel safe. Walking through Sproul reminded me of every bad encounter I’ve had with police. It reminded me of the afternoons I visited my parents in jail. It gave me the same stomachaches of wondering where my sister’s children were within the foster care system. Having the state use intimidation strategies on our campus assured me that my existence and trauma are not priorities in decision making.

‘The intergenerational trauma that marginalized students hold on campus has sculpted a particular relationship with power dynamics that must not be ignored. This reality, however, was overlooked when the administration failed to understand that this day would be re-traumatizing for Black and brown students who are still unpacking a lifetime of state violence.”

It’s interesting that the only people who report being traumatized by a police presence are black and brown minorities. Asians don’t feel threatened by the police and they’re minorities in America. So I don’t think it has anything to do with being a minority, per se, but more to do with the reputation your race has earned. This op-ed author has two parents in jail and a sister whose kids are in foster care. It seems to me her direct family has contributed immensely to the “trauma” she claims to have experienced, yet she lays blame on the whites by capping it off with, “Having the state use intimidation strategies on our campus assured me that my existence and trauma are not priorities in decision making.”

(Hell no, your baggage is not a priority in the decision-making process. What the hell are you thinking? Be GRATEFUL for what you have and run with it instead of being a whiny, sniveling, self-important, unappreciative degenerate. And learn proper grammar while you’re still in school because the real world isn’t going to tolerate your trauma pity party excuses.)

This leftist, degenerate then goes on to say, “I’m not here for free speech. I’m here for Black lives. I’m here for undocumented lives, queer and trans lives, femme lives, incarcerated lives and poor lives. I am here for the lives Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter want dead. I am here for the lives Donald Trump wants to ban. I am here for the lives BCR cannot fit in their ‘socially moderate, fiscally conservative’ fantasy.”

And like only a weasel can do, she bites the hand that feeds her: “What this university needs to recognize is the disgusting irony of pouring thousands of dollars into the recruitment of oppressed people and then failing to protect us once we are here.”

My advice to this student is if she’s so miserable being oppressed and having to deal with the disgusting irony of having her way paid only for whitey to fail to “protect us once we’re here,” she should go the hell back to where she came from because evidently America and America’s values aren’t a good fit for her.

The audacity and self-importance of this person is overwhelmingly nauseating as she continues her self-serving it’s-all-about-me-and-all-the-other-rejects cry-in while threatening to hold onto her lighter fluid.

“The concepts that America is great because of our ability to share perspectives and differing opinions, that UC Berkeley is beautiful because we can discuss and organize with opposite sides of the political spectrum … are bullshit. This has done nothing more than maintain the white supremacist, capitalistic and patriarchal nature that allowed colonizers to protect their power centuries ago and that has allowed their descendants to elect an openly racist, queer-phobic, Islamophobic/xenophobic and anti-poverty administration.

“As long as this is our reality, my focus will be on the survival of my people. And as long as the University of California refuses to fully dedicate itself to the liberation of the oppressed students on their diversity brochures, I will not rest, will not be silenced, will not put down my lighter fuel.”

A word from the editor: This is typically not a piece I would write because it gets me too pissed off and my journalistic integrity and schooling goes to hell. But I think most people reading this probably get as pissed off as I do and sometimes we vent. Yes, we vent through words or paper or just verbally bashing the hell out of them because unlike them we don’t bring our lighter fluid to burn down our home town. Thank you for allowing me to vent without leaving nasty messages. And if you are leaving a nasty message, you’re one of “them,” so I don’t care.

Link to the op-ed:

2 thoughts on “Berkeley student writes hate-filled hit job on America

  1. Kick this person out of school and country. We do not need or want this garbage here. What on earth has happened to our universities!!!


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