Notre Dame Protesting Mike Pence Commencement Speech

Conservaphobes are on their high horse bucking once again. This time it’s University of Notre Dame students organizing a protest against the invitation to Vice President Mike Pence to speak at the university’s Commencement Ceremony in May.

Traditionally Notre Dame has extended the Commencement speaking invitation to the President; however, protests against President Trump preempted the invite and they settled on Pence.

Seniors Immane Mondane and Jourdyhn Williams started a #NotMyCommencementSpeaker campaign against Pence’s address scheduled for May 21 because they say the vice president makes them “feel unsafe.”

The campaign involves students holding whiteboards featuring quotes from Pence that are in their view, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, offensive, or ostracizing,” to staff and students of the Notre Dame community. They also have the option to write about how Pence’s presence on campus will make them “feel unsafe.”

Students are given frequent opportunities throughout the day to write their quotes on a whiteboard and pose for a picture. Once all the pictures are taken and collected, they will be posted online and “discussion” will be open to ostracize and demean the new Vice President because that’s how the Social Justice Warriors roll.

“For me personally, he represents the larger Trump administration,” Mondane said of Pence to the university’s newspaper. “His administration represents something, and for many people on our campus, it makes them feel unsafe to have someone who openly is offensive but also demeaning of their humanity and of their life and of their identity.”

Williams argued that the selection of Pence as the university’s commencement speaker goes against the school’s Catholic mission.

“I feel that it is offensive to such a large population here at Notre Dame, and I also believe it goes against certain Catholic Social Teaching, which is something the university likes to broadcast that it stands behind, but it picks and chooses when it wants to stand behind them,” Williams said.

Several student groups have also spoken out against Pence’s invite, including, the Diversity Council and the College Democrats, according to Campus Reform.

Notre Dame is the same school recently in the news for calling the police and shutting down a “traditional marriage table” at the university. Permission had been granted through an officially-recognized student group, but then forced down by campus police because they didn’t have permission to man the table and hand out material.

Aside: It’s a tough time for parents with college-aged kids to pick out a school with instructors whose primary objective is to educate their children and not indoctrinate them into an unacceptable and radical philosophy and belief system that will turn their children into pathetic, whiny losers. The “men” of this generation are an embarrassment to the men who came before them and must be sterile. Perhaps a few shots of testosterone is in order.

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