“Master” – The New BAD Word in Today’s Universities

Rice University in Houston, Texas  is officially changing the name for the heads of its residential college from “master” to “magister” because of the negative historical connotation of the word “master.”

Naturally it’s of no consequence that the term “master” is derived from “headmaster” or “schoolmaster” because we’re talking about liberals who are at the top of their game when finding derision, contempt, racism, misogyny and hatred in everyday words and actions. Oh, and add xenophobia to that. A day with liberals is not complete without someone being called a xenophobe. Great word. Racist covers the meaning of xenophobe but xenophobe is fresh and exciting and has teeth, whereas the old standby “racist” is losing its bite.

But I digress.

“Magister” is the Latin word for “teacher” and historically has been used an an academic title for a scholar. Plus it has the added benefit of not being associated with white people of a hundred-and-fifty to two-hundred years ago so, at the moment, it’s a usable word here in America and has the Liberal Seal of Approval.

According to John Hutchinson, stated dean of undergraduates, “(Magister) conveys the traditional role and duties of the people holding this position, without the negative historical connotation of the word “master.” We believe that “college magister” holds true to our cultural roots, while eliminating the concerns and confusion about the previous title.”

One Rice student said that the term “master” should be abolished because “in thinking about the term as one drenched in connotations of slavery and masculinity to denote authority, I think Rice could do a lot better for its stakeholders.”

“’Drenched’ in connotations…” This Rice student should be more concerned with his grasp of the English language and less about a word used more than a hundred years ago that no longer applies. Funny how the word “abolished” doesn’t drum up negative historical connotations. After all, had slavery never existed it wouldn’t have needed to be abolished. But, then again, perhaps “abolished” is just a word in the English dictionary.

Harvard also ditched the term “master” and replaced it with “faculty deans.” Princeton and Yale changed their title from “master” to “head of college,” but it may only be a matter of time before some whacked out liberal women’s group gets together and decides “head of college” is decidedly sexist with sexual overtones. I hear the protests and see the hats already.

For the amount of ground this country has made in righting wrongs of the past, it’s amazing that people continue to find a way back instead of learning and continuing forward.

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