Hate Spaces and the Social Justice Warrior

On college campuses throughout America, social justice has been the prevailing sentiment and social justice warriors have been organizing and shutting down perceived injustices threatening their campuses at a record pace. From New York to California, injustices are fought tooth and nail at top universities, Ivy League schools and junior colleges alike. College students have no tolerance for injustice.

Of course, this is one of the biggest deceptions today on college campuses throughout this nation.

College students are the face of hatred and vengeful animosity when it comes to groups they deem evil or inferior, such as Republicans and Israelis. Acts of violence on college campuses by protesting students has become the norm when views they disagree with threaten to be unleashed in their safe college spaces. Just recently, a horde of angry protestors shut down a pro-police speech at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California given by Heather MacDonald, a Manhattan Institute Scholar and author of the book, “The War on Cops.”

MacDonald was able to give her speech while locked in the lecture hall with just a handful of students who managed to get in before the angry mob of protesters converged on the building. She livestreamed her lecture to those students who got locked out amongst the social justice crusaders chanting colorful epitaphs like, “From Oakland to Greece, f*** the police” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Perhaps one of the most intensifying and underemphasized social justice scandals on college campuses today is anti-Semitism.

Ralph Avi Goldwasser, a co-founder and former executive director of the David Project, a pro-Israel advocacy group on college campuses, released the documentary, “Hate Spaces: The Politics of Intolerance On Campus,” in November 2016 to confront and combat the escalating anti-Semitism taking hold on college campuses and educate the public, students, and Jewish, university and civic leaders. The film illustrates the “normalization of hatred in the name of social justice.”

“The goal of the film is to change the situation,” he said, adding that the mainstream media is not reporting on the anti-Semitism scandal and corruption in higher education.

“In our opinion, it’s a scandal,” Goldwasser  states.  “It’s a scandal, despite all the attention to inclusion, diversity, all those nice words, when it comes to Jewish students who support Israel, there’s no inclusion. They are excluded.”

The film touches on the arrests made at Ohio State University when pro-Israel students spoke out in favor of the embattled nation and criticized a “blood bucket” stunt performed by the senate president where she took the “bucket challenge” using red liquid to symbolize murdered and displaced Palestinians.  It also highlights the Students for Justice in Palestine members at Loyola University Chicago insulting their Jewish classmates and creating a human wall to prevent them from advertising trips to Israel. Commentary is provided by a host of prominent scholars, including, Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz and Cornell’s William Jacobson.

“Hate Spaces is a wake-up call to the Jewish community and to civil society in America about the institutionalization of bigotry on college campuses.”


Felix Frankfurter Professor Emeritus of Law, Harvard Law School

Goldwasser explains, “Campuses have been radicalized. The faculty has been radicalized, which in turn radicalizes students.”

The son of holocaust survivors, Goldwasser’s passion for Israel and educating Americans on the anti-Israel sentiment growing on college campuses is understandable. He said there’s some anger at Jewish leaders for failure to deal with this problem efficiently and for being focused on social justice issues for non-Jews but ignoring the plight of Jewish students.

He asserts campuses are unpleasant for any student who doesn’t accept the progressive ideology, which includes, “anti-Israelism, which is part of the anti-Judeo Christian dimension of progressives, (which is) part of the anti-American dimension of progressives.”

Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz is a regular on the college campus scene interviewing students. He is the writer, producer and director of “Ami on the Streets,” a satirical short film series made for Fox News. The attitudes of these social justice warriors spans the absurd to the chilling. Students were more inclined to donate cash to HAMAS and verbalize support for ISIS than walk peacefully by the flag of Israel.

At U.C. Berkeley, a student confronted Horowitz while waving the flag of Israel. “That flag you wave is the psychological genocide of this planet!” the student shouted. “All of Israel are killers,” another said. Students were receptive to the ISIS flag which was met with a subdued and peaceful reaction. One student had no reaction to the flag but kindly told Horowitz the administration would cite him for smoking on campus.

There is suspicion that Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is creating rising disdain for Israel and advocating for Israel’s destruction, selling terrorists as people to admire, and making Jewish students feel unsafe. The group claims to stand for human rights and portrays itself as an advocate for conflict resolution between Israel and Palestine, but upon closer inspection it becomes evident most of its energy goes into demonizing Israel and advocating for its eventual destruction.

What is clear is that administrators and educators are taking a lackadaisical if not irresponsible approach to educating students on both sides of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Instead of being educators, they’ve taken on the role as advocators for Palestine.


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