Amid American Protests of War, a “Thank You” from Syria


Hundreds of protesters gathered in cities throughout the country, slamming President Trump for the airstrike on a Syrian airbase in Shayrat in the early morning hours of Friday. It was flagged as an emergency protest by the group, “Act Now to Stop War and End Racism” (ANSWER) Coalition, which called the US assertion that the Syrian government carried out attacks on its own people “unsubstantiated” and demanded an independent investigation.

There are a multitude of conspiracy theories running the gamut on social media. Two of the more conspiratorial ones are it was a hoax, and it was the work of the rebels. The hoax theory, known on Twitter as #SyriaHoax, believes that all the dead and dying children are actors and it’s all just a big hoax so the U.S. brings in the heavy artillary to bring down the Syrian government so the rebels can run rampant and take over Syria. The other is it’s the work of the rebels so that, again, the U.S. would come in and take down the Assad regime and the rebels would have control.

It is unclear whether ANSWER protesters knew that the US military radar systems monitored a Syrian Air Force fixed-wing aircraft take off from Shayrat and fly over Khan Sheikhoun on two occasions – at 06:37 local time (03:37 GMT) and 06:46, which according to victims was when the strikes hit. According to NBC News, U.S. military officials confirmed that the radar systems picked up flashes on the ground, indicating that ordnance had been dropped on the rebel-held town.

It is also unclear if the rebellious American protesters who are calling for an “independent investigation” of a foreign country embroiled in death and destruction by a terrorist regime are aware their calls for an investigation have no bearing on foreign countries.

For all of the ANSWER protesters, here is a short film for you. May you not rot in hell for telling this man and his people President Trump should do nothing to help them.  This is also for all the democrats who want to uproot the Syrians and bring them into America. May you not be uprooted from your home and stripped of your way of life and dropped off some place in the middle of the Antarctic.




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