Social Justice Warrior Indoctrinator Fired over “White Privilege” Survey

A teacher at Fox Chapel Middle School in Fernando Country, Florida was fired for passing out a survey to students to determine their racial and social views and comfort level.

Daryl Cox, who was hired in January, passed out a survey from the book, “Exploring White Privilege,” by Robert P.  Amico to her sixth grade students. It was designed to open a dialogue about race and bigotry with statements such as, “A group of young black men are walking toward you on the street,” “Your new roommate is Jewish,” and “A friend invites you to go to a gay bar.”

Students in the 7th period “Leader in Me” class were taken aback by the survey and immediately began asking the point of the survey. Twelve-year-old Tori Drews said the class was learning about accepting people’s differences when the teacher handed out the survey and immediately students began asking questions.

“There were children that were saying this is wrong. ‘Why are we doing this?’ ‘Does this have a reason?’ She was going yeah this is kind of wrong … maybe I should take it back,” Drews said. “Kids were asking if they could share it with their parents. She was like, ‘No. Don’t show your mom. Don’t take that home. I’m taking it back up.’ I thought it was very inappropriate. I thought some of them were racist. I thought some of them were sexist. I thought it was completely intolerable.”

Jennifer Block, the mother of a 12-year-old given the assignment was livid and thought the material inappropriate.

“‘How comfy are you if you see a group of black men walking to you on the street?’ That’s completely inappropriate. In no world, whatsoever, is that OK to question a child on,” Block stated.

A statement from the district said, “In no way, did this assignment meet the standards of appropriate instructional material. After being made aware of the assignment, school administration began an investigation and has taken immediate disciplinary action. This teacher was within her probationary period and has been released from employment.”

Aside: When did teachers become social justice warrior-bots and begin indoctrinating our children? We didn’t have this insanity when I went to school and we shouldn’t have it now. Teachers are paid to educate our children, not indoctrinate them into their political, societal and racial belief system. Judging from the fine example of Stepford Students coming out of UC Berkley, Pierce College, NYU to name but a few, schools should be better vetting our teachers to keep these freaks away from our kids. What has happened to our society that young girls have in their vocabulary words like racist and sexist? What the hell? When I was 12 I didn’t even know what that was nor would I have cared. That kind of adult CRAP is not for kids. The thought would not have even occurred to me. Why is it such an issue in these times? Does ANYONE have a time machine? I don’t belong here.

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