Die-hard Supporters Jumping off the Trump Train

Die-hard supporters are jumping off the Trump Train in response to the airstrikes on the Syrian air base. I spent the better part of the day voicing my opposition to retaliating against Syria. After all, the Middle East has been at war with itself for centuries, so what’s the point? And then you think of the Saddam Hussein debacle and what a mistake that was. I was against that war and still curse Bush for that catastrophe. Hussein was perfectly content murdering his own people, and their corruption was kept within their Middle East hell hole. It would have been nice to drag poor Israel out of that mess, but you can’t relocate an entire country.

I spent many hours looking through Syrian communications since the chemical attack to see what I could find relating to these allegations people were making about the rebels being responsible for the attack. I was following a reporter with the twitter handle ferasharam01, and who he contacted and their conversations and got a bit lost in it. The whole time I was following this reporter around I’m thinking he’s with the rebels. There are gruesome films from weeks and months ago where they go into villages and most people are dead. Their faces are bloody and half gone. The men going through the village kick the bodies to turn them over as they pass by, and the reporter is filming everything. There are no English sub-titles so I don’t know what they say. I just know this is relatively standard and typical by their approach.

One thing I found is this war and this destruction in Syria is their way of life. There are no fat kids in Syria. They’re not home killing people on Playstation 4. They’re living in a war-torn country and this is all they know.  Every man and woman on these threads that I’m following are laughing and kidding about things. It’s easy to lose track of the primary discussion on the thread because everything is so normal to them, and the primary discussion is related to war and death and Allah.

I wrote my piece last night and wasn’t finished until midnight. I was semi-happy just to get it done, but it bugged me because there were too many unanswered questions. This Syrian ferasharam01 that I’m following through conversations knows about the media campaign before the actual chemical attack. He’s of interest to me. I want to know what he knows. My major unanswered question though was how in the hell can I find all these conversations on twitter being the dumb American I am, and our government and the rest of the world is confident Assad is the dirt-bag dictator who unleashed a chemical agent on his own people and these little defenseless kids?

There are many Trump supporters on Twitter who talk a lot about “deep state.” They seem to think the Syrian chemical attack is tied to that, although they don’t sufficiently state who or what “deep state” is comprised of and, if they do, they don’t articulate it. I choose not to go down that rabbit hole because sometimes the answers are right in front of your face and you don’t have to stick your head down holes to find them. These are the ones jumping off the Trump Train and saying he’s been taken over by the invasion of the body snatchers.

I thought about things today as the air strike drew closer. I was a bit annoyed with Trump for even thinking about bombing this country. As far as I was concerned, let them live in their war-torn psycho country killing each other like they’ve always done. We don’t need a repeat of Hussein and we’re not going to change their way of life.

And then things started making more sense because I realized I was American. Yes, today I realized I am an American. I talk like one, and I act like one, and maybe most important for this story, I think like one.

In my American mindset, the reporter who knew in advance that the attack was going to take place was with the rebels. THAT was my mistake. This herasharam01 reporter was with the Syrian State!  That blew the whole thing open for me and everything made sense. The article that stated there were holes in the theory that Assad was responsible and started checking off every reason it was Al-Qaeda led forces was part of ferasharam01’s media campaign. That makes sense. And it makes sense that every country in the world with their billions of dollars invested in high-tech gadgetry to know these things got it right and weren’t upstaged by internet trolls.

Upon making this discovery I heard the news that My President did what I didn’t want him to do. He blasted missiles into Syria. It took me by surprise. After eight years of Obama I was used to a president sitting on his hands or golfing and saying how intolerable so and so’s actions were and how he’s drawing a line. I did not expect to hear “missiles have been launched…”

Twitter went psycho with people bailing off the Trump Train. These are die-hards who just split. They were pissed. One went so far as to call him a deep state/Neo-Con puppet.  Hopefully tomorrow they’ll wake up and come back onboard, but a few hours ago they were quite dissatisfied.

Those words had the opposite effect on me.

Those words immediately took me to North Korea and Iran. I nodded my head. Yes, my president did make the right call. The world took notice. That’s what happens when my president takes the stage – people take notice.  

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