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The worldwide media has Assad’s number down

There has been much speculation on the reliability of the media’s reporting on the chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhun. There are also questions being raised by some as to how quickly each country got on the bandwagon to throw the Bashar al-Assad and Russia under the bus within minutes of learning of the attack, and with no evidence. Three accusations against Assad came straight out of the gate: a high ranking EU official, Israeli President Netanyahu and Amnesty International all pointed the finger of blame at Assad and his henchmen.

However, there are many things that don’t jive in the account given by the “Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets” crew’s claims who were hosing down and transporting the bodies. In the photos and videos released, the men in the white helmets are wearing no protection on their hands. Sarin, the chemical warfare agent supposedly used in the attack, is absorbed through the lungs and skin within seconds and kills within minutes. They’d be better equipped if they were in a Hollywood production. They do not appear to be dealing with a chemical warfare agent in the class of Sarin.

According to the Centers for Disease Control:

First Responders should use a NIOSH-certified Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) with a Level A protective suit when entering an area with an unknown contaminant or when entering an area where the concentration of the contaminant is unknown. Level A protection should be used until monitoring results confirm the contaminant and the concentration of the contaminant.

The men hosing down the children had only masks on their faces. There is speculation Sarin could not be the culprit or those men hosing down the victims would be sick and potentially dying. There are also a few indisputable facts: Syria was cleared of all chemical weapons in 2014, according to John Kerry. Additionally, Sarin was outlawed in 1997 and they do not have a lab that can synthesize it.

The word coming from out of Syria is it was chlorine. I found chlorine stated in a few tweets. Tweets are slowly disappearing off of Twitter, but I got a screen capture of this.


This tweet from the doctor also suggests the doctor is trying to convince people it’s Sarin. For a doctor who’s being flooded with people who’ve been through chemical warfare, he seems extremely bent on getting the word out that it’s Sarin and no one cares and he will take videos to prove it. Why would he feel like he needs to prove something?

DOC tweet.PNG

As patients are “flooding” in this doctor has the time to tweet and take videos:

DOC tweet2.PNG


A reporter from AMN theorizes that many of those killed in the attack were kidnapped by Al-Qaeda terrorists last week. Local sources have claimed that many of those dead from the chemical weapons were those from Majdal and Khattab. Interestingly enough, through many hours of digging, I came across a number of telling tweets and one used the word “kidnapped.” This seems to be confirming that army sources list casualties as civilians and those kidnapped.




There is also talk about a media campaign on the attack. This started as early as a day BEFORE the attack.  @feraskaram01 is a reporter with Orient TV. Note the dates:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, this appears to be someone in the know lamenting what the man he’s talking to @HoseinMortada has done.  (@HoseinMortada is also a friend of @feraskaram01, the reporter.) He tells him the seizure is over and they both saw what happened. He writes he’s scum and doesn’t know how he can sleep. He then writes, “Allah you are corrupt.”


There is a theory (which has no takers in the American press) that this was Al-Qaeda warfare to get the attention of the West to beat down on Assad so that the Syrian rebels can gain traction in an area where Assad has a stronghold.

There are a few key points here that we, as Americans, don’t relate to. After spending a day reading through hundreds of tweets by the Syrians, I can say they are very well connected with each other. They have video cameras and Facebook accounts and they’re tweeting all day as they’re shooting off bombs. They upload everything and share it with their friends. They are also extremely interested in what is going on in the rest of the world and how they can manipulate situations and people.

Within about 12 hours of going through their tweets, some deleted their tweets and now there’s no option to translate from Arabic to English for the reporter and his cohorts I was following.

The one thing that bothers me about the rebel attack angle is our government and military track the internet chatter and know what’s going on in Syria. So it seems to me the reporter I was following on Twitter was well aware of what was going down and was there to throw attention away from Assad with the media campaign.

He knew it was rebel-stored chemicals which were blown up and said it was chlorine, so why was the Sarin angle being pushed at the hospital? Syria is far way from America in its mindset. They’ve been this way for thousands of years, and live and die for war.


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