Seattle Brings Lawsuit Challenging President’s Sanctuary City Order

Seattle, Washington has filed a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s executive order on “sanctuary cities,” citing it as unconstitutional and “fatally ambiguous.”

The lawsuit, filed by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and City Attorney Pete Holmes, states, “The Order is premised on a misreading of federal statutory law and departs dramatically from settled constitutional principles.”

President Trump signed the executive order days after coming into office, threatening sanctuary cities that failure to comply would result in the withholding of federal funds. The suit challenges the legality of that order

White House press secretary Sean Spicer also announced in a news briefing that the administration would “strip federal grant money from the sanctuary states and cities that harbor illegal immigrants.”

Sanctuary cities have policies in place that limit involvement in federal immigration enforcement. The Trump administration asserts that cities should accumulate the citizenship status of all residents and report that information to federal officials.

Many liberal cities, including Seattle, limit the collection of citizenship information by local law enforcement to protect their immigrants’ statuses. They typically do not honor requests from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to detain individuals beyond what is allowed by criminal proceedings.

The argument is that immigrants are more willing to cooperate with law enforcement and seek healthcare if they don’t fear deportation.

The Seattle lawsuit argues it is not in violation of the relevant federal statute, known as Section 1373. It also contends the executive order’s meaning is both ambiguous and unconstitutional, as it violates the 10th amendment.

“It uses terms that are vague and not defined, does not spell out the particular enforcement objectives of the Secretary and Attorney General, and does not describe in an intelligible manner the federal Executive Branch’s understanding of the requirements purportedly imposed by Section 1373,” the lawsuit reads.

The complaint also contends the order violates the Spending Clause, and is causing “immediate harm” to Seattle by hampering its budget process.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said the city will continue to stand with its immigrant and refugee populations. “Seattle will not be bullied by this White House or this administration and today we are taking legal action against President Trump’s unconstitutional order,” he said.

The lawsuit names as defendants Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly.

Aside: My wish for you both, Mayor Ed Murray and Pete Holmes, is you run into one of these criminal illegals you are harboring in a dark alley one night. Perhaps then you will get the gist of Trump’s order and why it can make the difference between life and death. Innocent Americans should not have to pay for your stupidity and your obstructionism. People’s lives and safety are not a political game for you to play with because you don’t like that your party lost the election.

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