DNC Chair Tom Perez: Trump didn’t win the election!

The democrats have reached a mind-numbing level of denseness. Not only do they have absolutely nothing to offer the American people in terms of… well, anything, but their primary focus isn’t even on America and what it needs to move forward and succeed on the world stage.

As North Korea shores up its nuclear capabilities and Russia halts its 5-year hiatus and begins talks with Iran to lend aid on its nuclear front, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is parading around like a brain-damaged monkey who’s been through a few too many lab experiments, saying, “Trump didn’t win the election!” He then goes on to call Trump a bully and says he doesn’t care about voters.

Is this the new Democratic Party?

As it stands, this is the party that lost control of the House, Senate and White House between 2010 and 2016. Apparently, that has not served as a wake-up call and Perez’s strategy is to whine, bitch, moan and complain about the guy with a vision and plan for America. In the process, he’s coming across as pathetic and disillusioned. What is he offering up aside from condemnation of an administration that has jolted the consumer confidence index to the highest it’s been since 2001?

Donald Trump is offering solutions and the democrats are offering a collective whine and try to diminish everything he’s accomplishing by focusing their efforts on smearing him and not rising up to work with him and become a part of the solution in this historic time in our history.

Granted, Trump’s first 60 days have been riddled with miscalculations, lawsuits and the press pushing their Russian agenda. Still, there’s been much progress made that the mainstream media is purposefully not covering if it doesn’t fit their narrative. He’s signed two executive orders to fight trade abuse, an order establishing the President’s Commission Combatting Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, an executive order to roll back Obama’s extreme environmental regulations, revoked Obama-era bureaucracy in the education system, signed two bills promoting women in the sciences, an executive order to promote excellence in historically black colleges and universities, and a plethora of other orders and bills, and that’s in less than a month.

The more Trump undoes, the more evident it is how busy Obama was placing big government restrictions and regulations across the fruited plains. In retrospect, the bathroom debate should have signaled an administration that had blown up the government’s role to unheard of proportions. It’s a wonder how planet earth survived without all Obama’s rules, regulations and restrictions into the 21st century.

Now with the Ruler and Chief out of the White House and Hillary Clinton’s run down in flames, the Democratic Party is grappling for its footing. This is no surprise. They don’t seem to have a coherent message to propel them forward because they’re in the past, still licking their wounds of defeat. They haven’t come to terms with their loss, and losing to a non-politician who was down on the mat with a ten-count, more than a couple of times, was mortifying. Not even Obama hounding his flock to vote for Hillary or he’d take it as a personal insult could save the party from this fate. The Democratic Party is tormented by such an embarrassing loss and, as the adage goes, misery enjoys company.

But it wasn’t only the Democratic Party that lost the election; the liberal mainstream media lost too. One man turned the Fourth Estate from what is supposed to be an objective account of events into a propaganda machine for a political party. And this explains why CNN and others spend every minute of every day on both their television news channels and their online news sites bashing Trump and his administration to hell and back. The never-ending “Trump-Russia scandal” must haunt their dreams because they seemingly live, eat and drink a Trump-Russia connection. A jumbo jet with 500 people aboard could blow up over Cincinnati and maybe then they’d blink an eye before returning to the “latest non-evidence of the Trump-Russia connection….”

It’s all an attempt by the Democratic Party and the liberal media to delegitimize the president of the United States. They feel gypped and slighted as they stand on their self-professed moral high ground and toss around disparaging comments at the misogynistic loser in the White House who didn’t win the election. It’s a blatant attempt to destroy our democracy. It’s an affront to the people of America who went down to the voting booths and voted for Mr. Trump because they believed in him and for what he stood.

The democrats have lost a lot in the past few years. Instead of running on a message of strength and greatness for our country, they ran on their hatred and deprecation of their opponent, and they dragged the rest of us into the mud with them. Relationships across America have fallen apart. There has been a literal divide in this country that was borne out of one party doing everything in its power to dehumanize another human being. That affront has not abated and the battle between Americans rages on.

Through it all, there’s one thing that is crystal clear and not up for debate. Donald J. Trump did win the election and, as long as you live in America, Chairman Tom Perez, he’s your president too.

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