The Flynn immunity rumor-mill

There’s a lot of commotion and rumors on whether Michael Flynn is seeking immunity for testifying on the Russia surveillance he was caught up in as the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Since then, many in the mainstream media followed suit with the immunity story.

Whether he will or won’t IS NOT explicitly stated in the statement allegedly released by his lawyer. The highlighted section has IMPLICATIONS of seeking immunity, and this seems to be “lawyer-speak” for an immunity deal.

However, the WSJ article reads this, “Former national security adviser tells FBI, the House and Senate intelligence committees he’s willing to be interviewed in exchange for deal,” officials say.



Some officials have refuted that.

The latest reports out say the Senate Intelligence Committee turned down Flynn’s request for immunity.

At this point it’s safe to assume with the wild goose chase the democrats are on to find a criminal in the Trump White House, Flynn will keep mum unless he’s offered a deal. Politicians have a way of massaging things so that white appears black and vice versa. The democrats have done a fine job of turning this country upside down and making America look like the laughing stock of planet earth. They will do ANYTHING to obstruct our president and his agenda. There is NO EVIDENCE of Russian hacking. There is NO EVIDENCE of Trump/Russia collusion. What there is is a bunch of loud-mouthed liberals obstructing anything and everything this administration seeks to do.

Perhaps time would be better spent investigating something real like Obama’s surveillance of the incoming Trump administration.

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