Twitter Storm – Chris Cuomo silent when confronted with facts


Chris Cuomo is known to get into duels with Trump supporters on Twitter, often repeating, “Facts, not feelings.”

But what happens when Cuomo is confronted with facts? Dead air. He moves on to the next battle or retweets praise from a fan of his show, “New Day,” which often finds him sparring with the likes of politicians.

A recent twitter storm found Cuomo giving his famous, “Facts, not feelings,” line to the Twitter handle @BigDog6723, who hits him with several facts off the top of his head which he alleges Cuomo has either not covered or covered insufficiently. And, as usual, the sparring is one-sided with Big Dog coming in with some factual blows, and ends with dead air coming from Mr. Cuomo.




One more tweeter calling out liberal bias for what it is.

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