Reckless Mayors defiant over Sessions’ threat to withdraw fed funds

Reckless mayors across the country have no intention of handing over illegal immigrants to ICE, vowing to defend their sanctuary cities and fight the Trump administration. This comes a day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions put the sanctuary cities on notice that refusal to work with ICE agents to rid their cities of lawless illegal immigrants will be met with federal funding sanctions.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (top right) played off Sessions’ threat as “saber-rattling” and vowed to defend his illegals and take the federal government to court before following the law.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (top left) must be drinking from the same bottle as de Blasio and called withholding federal funding unconstitutional. Mayor Garcetti, with all due respect, a mayor refusing to uphold the law is breaking his oath of office and does not hold the moral high ground.

The question comes down to, how many innocent lives must be taken and destroyed by lawless illegals before these lawless mayors understand there are consequences for their actions?

Democrats are seemingly under the impression they can obey the laws they like and disobey those they don’t like, and make up their own rules and laws as they go along. That’s not how the justice department works. That’s not how a law-abiding country works. There are laws for a reason, but the democrats are defiant obstructionists who are breaking our laws and think they’re on the moral high ground for doing so.

Why are they still in office?

Between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3, 206 illegal immigrants arrested for crimes such as DUI, assault, sexual assault on a minor, and other crimes were released onto our city streets by law enforcement officials in sanctuary cities. “Sanctuary Sally” in Travis County, Texas released 142 of them.

santuary sally.PNG

It might be high time Americans start to take their country back from the obstructionists within the government and law enforcement who think the laws don’t apply to them.

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