Chelsea Handler displays her hideous side

Chelsea Handler – you know, the one whose Netflix show did a crash and burn and was hit with a blinding storm of abysmal reviews – played the flunky again with a glaring insult to Eric and Lara Trump when tweeting an announcement they are expecting a baby boy in September.trumpboy.PNG

Handler couldn’t keep a lid on her contempt and abhorrence for the First Family and came out with a moronic tweet and misspelled her insult to boot. Evidently, 10-year-olds, wives, and adult and unborn children are fair game for liberal entertainers when the patriarch of the family is President Donald J. Trump.


Yes, Trump clearly stated they were expecting a boy, yet Handler says, “Let’s hope for a girl.” A fleeting attention span apparently.

Nothing short of a twitter storm followed. Here are some of my favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Instead of understanding that just maybe she was out of line, she validated her idiocy. But what can really be expected from a woman who tweeted she wished someone would put Kellyanne Conway in a microwave?


Ms. Handler, perhaps when you come across Jiminy Cricket you will find that at times it behooves you to keep your mouth shut, or fingers off the keyboard, lest you say or type something that serves no purpose but to magnify your paltriness, lack of class, and utter disrespect for the democratic process, half of this country, an unborn child, and two giving and blessed soon-to-be parents. Why don’t you talk to some of the parents and sick children of Saint Jude and find out more about the husband and wife you maligned.








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