Former intel agents claim the CIA hacked the DNC

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (ret) and former architect of the NSA’s surveillance program, William Binney, told Sean Hannity that former members of the NSA hacked the DNC during the primaries and used stolen Russian malware to mimic the hacking protocols of Russia to make it appear like the Russians were involved.

“The evidence is not that the Russians did it,” Shaffer explained, “but that a Russian tool was used to break in. I think concerned Americans fed up with the Clintons doing things were the ones who actually got in there and broke the information out and gave it to WikiLeaks.”

WikiLeaks released troves of private email communications of the DNC during the primaries and the run up to the national election, which led to the resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultze and some say led to Hillary Clinton’s loss on election night.

See the full interview here.

When pressed by Hannity if he had proof to support the allegations, Shaffer said no but it was coming directly from trusted sources within the intelligence agencies.

The mainstream media has no interest in these assertions, Shaffer said, “because it doesn’t fit into their narrative.”

“Their narrative” refers to the mainstream liberal media’s account of the Russian’s hacking into the DNC servers and Trump and his team colluding with the Russians to take down the DNC and Hillary Clinton. As of this printing, neither the media nor the democrats have any evidence to verify this claim because none exists.

Stunning to find the mainstream media has a “narrative” or “agenda,” for that matter, that prevents them from telling the American people the truth and instead opting for “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming… Oh! and Donald Trump is with them!”

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