CNN – skirting the real news

CNN takes it just shy of absurd to a perfunctory courtesy for even reporting any news at all. It’s Trump bashing, slamming, hitting his head into the wall and then back to bashing again. Here’s a cell phone screen capture from this morning, and then a computer screen capture tonight.

The Wikileaks release of nearly 8,000 pages of damning CIA material is but a tiny blurb on the right hand side tonight. It’s creating quite a stir online and has brought back to the front page journalist Michael Hastings’ unexplained car explosion that resulted in his death in 2013 after shedding light on government misdeeds. When Wikileaks broke this morning, CNN didn’t touch it. Instead it opted for Alec Baldwin potentially throwing in the hat on the SNL Trump gig. “If it bleeds, it leads” only applies to CNN if it’s Trump’s blood.

Note the big news tonight is, “GOP leaders skirt wiretap claim.” The Trump wiretap tweets came out a full four days ago and this is the headline CNN ran with tonight. This is nothing more than an effort to make Trump come off as incompetently chasing conspiracy theories for four days in a row. If it were a conspiracy theory as they’d have you believe, perhaps they can explain why the New York Times – which is no friend to the Trump administration – broke it on a front page story back in January.

“Wiretapped data used in inquiry of Trump aides.”


Perhaps they can also explain why every conversation Trump or someone is his administration has ends up on the front page of the New York Times.

A blog post from October shows the suspected wiretapping of the GOP campaign office in Oklahoma. This is off of a blog by Linda Joy Adams who was called by the Oklahoma Campaign Headquarters for Donald Trump to do some volunteer work:

It doesn’t prove anything, but it’s interesting to keep in mind as a full investigation by the new administration gets underway and some weeds are pulled in the White House garden. Word is they’re overgrown and wearing out their welcome.

CNN, do you want to know why the White House doesn’t want to play with you? Because you suck at your job and the only thing your readers and viewers are informed about is your anti-Trump agenda.

Fox News, on the other hand, went with an actual leading story of today – the healthcare bill – because they are “real news.” Also, note Trump isn’t the only newsworthy item on the menu.

healthcare news.PNG

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