Wasserman Schultz’s Bitchfest at CNN

Debbie Wasserman Shultz lodged an all out attack on Kellyanne Conway’s character today on CNN’s “Outfront.” It started with a tweet Conway retweeted claiming Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellison did not stand during the president’s speech to the Joint Sessions Tuesday night to honor Carryn Owens, the widow of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens who was killed in combat in January. Conway tweeted back, “Hope this is not true. It was a moment of unity and deserved recognition.”


Wasserman Schultz went off like a rabid dog when Anchor Erin Burnett asked if Conway apologized for the tweet, saying, “Of course she hasn’t apologized because that’s their M.O.”

The tweet clearly shows Conway did no more than question the veracity of the  information. What stands out is the former Chairwoman of the DNC  went after Conway as opposed to the actual author of the tweet making the accusation, radio talk show host Mark Simone.

Obviously the reason she didn’t go after Simone is because this was nothing more than a stunt to make the rounds on the liberal news shows and generate bad press for the Trump administration. Conway is a direct pathway to undermine and repudiate Trump, which of course is the goal of the DNC.

“They generate and perpetuate fake news,” Wasserman Schultz whined. “They don’t tell the truth. They lie, they distort, they intentionally put out false information so that they can try to control the news cycle.”

Wasserman Schultz earned roughly five minutes of creating fake news and lambasting Trump today on CNN, courtesy of Outfront anchor Erin Burnett.

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