Yes, CNN! “Military” is an Adjective Too!

CNN wasted no time in trumpeting a huge catch and lambasting the president for calling deportation efforts of illegal immigrants a “military operation” during a meeting this morning. It was Sean Spicer who had to educate the media on the word “military,” which in this case was used as an adjective, meaning: of or relating to soldiers, arms, or war.

The headline, “Trump on deportations: ‘It’s a military operation,'” went live on the CNN web site within hours of Trump’s speech. The author brings a negative connotation of the word “military” into the minds of its readers by claiming, “It’s a label that runs counter to what his administration has previously said.”

“Runs counter” is  CNN’s way of reporting the president and his administration lied to the American people.

This is word trickery for the unsuspecting reader who, by this point, envisions tanks and the Army going door to door rounding up illegals. The media has perfected playing head games with its audience. Half an article later, the truth comes out with the admission that Sean Spicer clarified Trump’s use of the word military as an adjective.

What does this mean? This means CNN wrote a meaningless article for the sole purpose of demonizing the president of our country.

The point was to play to CNN’s base of liberal readers who share its hatred of President Trump. It’s a talking point that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. To the liberals, it’s another story confirming what they already know is true. To the conservatives, it’s just one more piece of garbage to add to a heap of disposable reading.

The entertaining part is liberal news outlets seem to automatically come in with a deficit of 30 IQ points when covering President Trump. This explains why they need Spicer to educate them on the meaning of words. I remember the days when writers had a dictionary  at the ready for such occasions.

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