CNN Says Kellyanne Conway Sidelined

The Trump administration restricted Kellyanne Conway from appearing on television for a week for making “statements that were at odds with the administration’s official stance,” according to CNN.  Sources cited in the article are “the sources,” “a White House source,” “a source close to the White House,” and “several sources inside and outside of the White House.”

As is protocol with CNN regarding matters of the Trump administration, no sources have names and a litany of derisive accusations compete for the top news bite. The resounding theme, however, is Conway infused drama and controversy into the daily headlines, and was more of a distraction than a benefit.

Conway and her team denied any and all assertions, according to the story, and wrote it off as a wild “goose chase,” saying the counselor to the president had other focuses but has a few shows lined up this week.

One who is skeptical of the liberal media in general must wonder if CNN started with a handful of facts and then embellished as deadline drew near. If not, a far more deceitful and ubiquitous presence is lurking in the shadows of the executive branch and must be weeded out. As a matter of principal, CNN would be the last media outlet to which Trump or any trusted staff would divulge information.

Read the CNN story here.

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