CNN: Words Do Matter

It’s not hard these days to find “fake news,” but it’s disconcerting when you find it at major news outlets. Although those stories abound, my gripe today is with a couple of misleading CNN headlines on its web site.

Here is CNN’s screen capture from today, February 20, 2017…


The first offense is in the first row under the lead story:


Some might not see the issue with this headline. In fact, I would expect protesters at anti-Trump rallies to think it’s perfectly fine. If you read it with a discerning eye you might pick up what I’m picking up: Pence was disappointed with Michael Flynn. Okay, you still don’t see it.Let me clarify with a clip from the actual story run on CNN.


As it turns out in this story, Pence was disappointed that he was misled by General Mike Flynn. Pence was disappointed in the ACTION of the man, not the man himself. came out with a more accurate headline by calling out Pence’s disappointment over the situation, as seen here:


Here’s another misleading headline off the same screen capture:


The perception here is Trump had a disagreement with an adviser (Craig Deare), and due to this disagreement the adviser was reassigned.

The CNN story seems to paint a sightly different picture than its headline:


The bottom line is Craig Deare bashed the Trump administration and called the White House under Trump “dysfunctional” during a speech. Suffice it to say, as most would expect, this back stabbing didn’t go over well with our New Yorker in the White House.

Accuracy Disclaimer: This information was taken off the CNN web site. On its web site it notes reporting from Politico. 

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